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This is how Ishowspeed made fun of Arsenal fan KSI

This is how Ishowspeed made fun of Arsenal fan KSI

Ishowspeed‘s stock is showing no signs of declining, the steady rise continues and the American recently hit a massive milestone. The YouTuber reached 9 million subscribers and sits firmly as one of the most viral creators on the platform. 

His ascent to the top has been largely aided by football-based clips which have garnered millions of views, and on the occasion of the hitting 9 million Speed provided another one.

It all happened when an inevitable collab finally occurred. He hopped on a call with YouTube Superstar KSI, who many fans believe Speed is the second coming of, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The highlight of the exchange came when KSI was asked about his favourite football club. 

He replied with Arsenal, much to Speed’s bewilderment, who then sneered at the very name. Speed then enquired about a star name at the Gunners, and KSI responded with a brand new signing Gabriel Jesus, by simply referring to him as “Jesus”. The occasional boxer was clearly leading Speed on and eventually succeeded in annoying him. 

However, the 17-year-old was not to be outwitted as he dared KSI to put forward another star name, the latter broke was dumbstruck and broke into laughter before offering up Granit Xhaka. 

For all of the Swiss International’s talents, it’s unlikely that a casual fan would be familiar with him, which essentially proved Speed’s point.  KSI then resorted to Bukayo Saka, who Speed dismissed by saying  “Never heard of him, he’s a** bro.” 

And just like the YouTuber created a viral clip at Arsenal’s expense, an occurrence far too frequent for the Gunners’ liking.