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How FIFA players discovered Doja Cat way before anyone else

How FIFA players discovered  Doja Cat way before anyone else

Ever since its inception in 1997, the simulation-based video game, FIFA, has become a cultural catalyst. As technology has evolved so has the product, from the low-polygon models of the 90s to cutting-edge player likenesses we see today, EA Sports’ cash-cow ups the visual standards every year.

The long-spanning franchise can induce nostalgia in almost any football fan, as they’ve almost certainly come across the game at some point in their life.

For more avid players, FIFA often served as a gateway into the beautiful game, its extensive database familiarized gamers with different teams, players, leagues etc, hence expanding their knowledge. 

The games are also known for having banging soundtracks, which usually include mainstream hits and even tunes from the indie scene. 

Such is the popularity of the game that these lesser-known tracks became chart-toppers after featuring in it, due to which every edition of FIFA is expected to deliver at least one such gem.

Over the years we’ve had evergreen classics such as John Newman’s energetic ‘Love Me Again’, the feel-good sensation that was Nico and Vinz ‘When the day comes’ and of course, the melody that ruled the internet last year Glass Animals’ ‘Heat Waves’. 

The FIFA soundtrack catalogue also contains a few names that have shot to fame more recently, meaning that the FIFA community essentially had a head-start. 

One such artist is the vastly popular singer and rapper Doja Cat. 

Her ascent began with the hilariously silly ‘Mooo’ back in 2018, and she’s been topping the charts ever since. However, prior to that, the artist was an unknown figure with a meagre listener base as compared to now. 

She got a boost after being included on FIFA 15’s soundtrack for a groovy and psychedelic tune in collaboration with Elliphant named ‘Purple Light’. 

The track remains a banger to this day, unfortunately, it didn’t receive the same attention as other songs on the tracklist, which also included Avicii’s fan-favourite ‘The Nights’. Aided by TikTok, Doja sits firmly as one of the most popular artists at the moment. 

And while the whole world may be familiar now, the FIFA community was basically there from the start.