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FIFA 23 Will Finally Let You Play as a Real-Life Manager in Career Mode

FIFA 23 Will Finally Let You Play as a Real-Life Manager in Career Mode

As Q4 of 2022 draws closer, so does the release of EA Sports’ yearly Football simulation game, FIFA 23. The game is all set to be the last edition of its kind for the foreseeable future, as EA’s product will see a title change from next year. 

Naturally, fans have placed high expectations on the release, even more so than they normally do. 

FIFA games tend to catch a lot of criticism for their lack of variation, as each iteration features minor tweaks to the formula, instead of major overhauls. With FIFA 23 being the last EA title bearing the ‘FIFA’ branding, fans hope for it to be memorable, and early signs have looked positive.

Following standard procedure, copies of a beta build of the game were distributed amongst insiders for testing recently, after which numerous details about the game surfaced. 

One such detail sheds some light on the state of the fan-favourite Career Mode, which allows players to live out their personal footy fantasies, be it on the pitch or off it. The player career mode will probably feature a more comprehensive character creator, and potentially new cutscenes and layers. 

As for the manager mode, the game is all set to offer players the chance to play as their favourite real-life gaffers. The likenesses of several managers have been a part of the experience for years, and now EA will let players step into their shoes and take the reins.  It remains to be seen whether these figures will simply be skins for essentially the same experience, or whether your playthrough will be affected by your choice of manager.

This early mockup gives us a view of how things may shape up, and as far as the concept goes, it certainly is exciting. 

Those familiar with EA’s track record will certainly proceed with caution, but perhaps there’s room for optimism regarding FIFA 23 after all.