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How Lewis Hamilton and Anthony Joshua made it into FIFA 22

How Lewis Hamilton and Anthony Joshua made it into FIFA 22

The next instalment of the FIFA series, FIFA 22 has arrived via the early access release.

Many fans have been anxious for this release and it seems everything is going to be amazing. From the improved graphics to the enhanced features, all the way to the extra content available in early access.

However, amidst all the hype, people’s attention is drawn by Anthony Joshua and Lewis Hamilton.

You might be wondering, what does a boxing champion and an F1 world champion possibly have to do with a football simulation game.

It is because the duo can be seen making unexpected cameos in the new FIFA 22 game.

Before this new edition, after downloading the game, players were instantly directed to a kickoff against the computer to get acquainted with the latest features.

This time around, things have changed, and perhaps, for the better.

FIFA 22 directly presents Career Mode to the players. In this mode, players build a character and participate in a storyline.

The players find themselves amidst all the frenzy before the Champions League semi-final match between PSG and Chelsea.

During this phase of the game, players are greeted by the non-speaking cameos of the British boxing champion Anthony Joshua and F1 legend Lewis Hamilton, respectively.

This cameo is a nod to their initial FIFA 21 appearance where they were present in the Volta game mode as characters who could be played.