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Lewis Hamilton gives sneak peek at new Arsenal tattoo

Lewis Hamilton gives sneak peek at new Arsenal tattoo

Football’s global reach ensures that its popularity can be witnessed amongst athletes of other sports as well. Much like the NFL and cricket, Formula 1 stars too are big football fans.

McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo has been a Manchester United fan since childhood while Fernando Alonso has been a lifelong Real Madrid supporter, who was also made an honorary member of the club in 2017.

Similarly, it is no secret that Lewis Hamilton has been a supporter of Arsenal for the longest time.

The 7-time world champion has been spotted at the Emirates Stadium wearing the Gunners jersey on multiple occasions rooting for his favourite club.

While on tour, the Englishman has taken to Instagram in the past to show his support for the team during important games accompanied by pictures of young guns such as Bukayo Saka and ESR wheeling away in celebration after scoring.  

Hamilton recently took to Instagram once again to express his love for the club while sharing pictures of a new tattoo of the club’s initials inscribed on his left ring finger.

Hamilton has showcased the intricate ink collection on his hands previously, which includes a combination of lines, symbols, text and images. The addition of the ‘A’ on the ring finger has Arsenal fans excited as Hamilton chose such an intimate spot on his hand to have it inscribed.

Having shared the picture of both his inked hands, the post was then later deleted by Hamilton. However, the inscription on his finger is permanent now and is one that emphasizes his committed love for the North London club.