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Twitter reacts as Ralf Rangnick watches U18 game with Paul Mitchell, a possible future DoF

Twitter reacts as Ralf Rangnick watches U18 game with Paul Mitchell, a possible future DoF

Manchester United’s hunt for a permanent successor to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer continues, as Ralf Rangnick’s time as the interim manager is running out.

The German manager was appointed as a temporary replacement for Solskjaer until the end of the season, after which he would be promoted to a consultancy role for two years.

While Mauricio Pochettinho and Erik ten Hag are being deemed as the leading candidate for the coveted position, it doesn’t seem like United have any favourites so far.

Besides finding a permanent manager, Manchester United might also be looking for somebody to run the football side of their club, a position currently held by John Murtough.

On Thursday, the cameras spotted the United manager sitting with AS Monaco’s sporting director Paul Mitchell during the quarter-final of the FA Youth Cup at Old Trafford.

Mitchell had previously worked with Rangnick during his reign at RB Leipzig and worked closely with Mauricio Pochettinho at Southampton and Tottenham.

United fans questioned about the 40-year-old’s attendance in the stadium, as others were left rubbing their hands for what might be a great move ahead.

According to some, Mitchell’s previous records suggests that bringing him for some role to re-establish “structure” in the club would be an ideal move.

While Mitchell’s move to United as a Director of Football would be an admirable choice, United fans still doubt that it would be enough to bring in Pochettinho, given that their relationship tattered during their Tottenham days.

The club, however, has denied any rumours and clarified that Mitchell is only in Manchester to “see his family,” with many fans agreeing to this notion.

Ralf Rangnick has done a pretty solid job, if not anything spectacular, at Old Trafford, and Paul Mitchell as a helping hand would only help the club shine in the near future. 

Yet it seems likely that United will continue to pursue Pochettino or Ten Hag until the end of the season.