47-year-old Ole Gunnar Solskjaer shows he’s still got it with a rocket in Man Utd training

While he is the current Manchester United boss, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer keeps reminding us time and again of his destructive capabilities as a player.

Brought on as a virtual unknown at the age of 24, Ole eked out a fantastic niche for himself at the club with his unique role.

The baby-faced assassin earned a mythic reputation while being an ‘impact player’ at Manchester United.

He regularly came off the bench at Sir Alex Ferguson’s behest and almost invariably turned the tide of the match with a goal.

Any qualms about his play-making ability were silenced by a lethal goal-scoring prowess. He had that ‘it’ factor Sir Alex clearly treasured.

At present, over a decade into his retirement, Solskjaer finds himself at the reigns of this very club.

However, the job has been far from a picnic, with more than a few questions being raised about his tactical nous.

Of course, while his skills as a manager may be in doubt, Ole the player has continued to impress with his finishing touch even at age 47. A video from United’s training camp demonstrates exactly that.

The clip, assumed to be from a training session, shows Solskjaer scoring a scorcher from a very difficult angle.

With the goal some distance away, Ole let rip an absolute belter. The ball dipped over the keeper (Bruno?) in a flash, giving him absolutely no chance at saving it.

It’s quite clear: even at his advancing age, Ole’s still got that ‘it’ factor –