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Bundesliga show-stopper confirms Sadio Mane is the best African player in football right now

Erling Braut Haaland has simply been a sensation for Borussia Dortmund this season. Before the current campaign was derailed by COVID-19, the Norwegian wunderkind lit up the Bundesliga along with a host of fellow young stars.

The statistics speak for themselves: nine goals and an assist from just eight games in the league are a testament to his clinical finishing in front of goal.

There is also, of course, his now-famous volley against PSG from the edge of the box that somehow made a sound after smacking against the net.

Best African player in football

Haaland sat down for an Instagram livestream session from the confines of his house yesterday.

The teen sensation revealed that although Africa has many top players, he considers Liverpool and Senegal’s forward Sadio Mane as the best.

Mane played a pivotal role in Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool side as they not only went on to win the Champions league but are also on the verge of securing their maiden Premier league title.

Mane has created an astonishing 46 goals and 15 assists from 91 games for Liverpool. And that is despite overlooking the significant impact he has for the Merseyside club as a winger – the man has successfully provided 104 crosses in the same period of times, with a whopping 33 being executed this season alone.

It doesn’t hurt the club at all that he is just as adept defensively, with a cumulative 98 tackles successfully effected, 36 of them coming from the 26 games having been played this time around.

He has been a force of nature on both ends of the pitch. He even took his nation Senegal in the Africa cup of nations final where they eventually lost to Algeria.

But he was appropriately awarded for his efforts as he won the African player of the year for the year 2019 and also came 4 on the Ballon d’Or rankings.

Even Messi who voted for Mane to win the FIFA Best award admitted it’s a shame that Mane finished 4 in the Ballon d’Or rankings. 

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Photo – Jack Grealish rumored to have gone on a drunk driving rampage at Waterside in Dickens Heath

It must be said, for a regular, even somewhat dedicated football fan, the current coronavirus pandemic is an absolute nightmare.

Us ardent admirers of the game are now forced to stew inside our houses all day long, with nigh a football fixture to be seen in the stadiums or on the telly.

Turns out, it isn’t just the general public that has been driven up the wall by the extended break. Footballers themselves are finding it quite hard to kill time cooped up in their houses and hotel rooms.

This has led to them resorting to some pretty far-out ways to be entertained, leading to some unsavoury incidents coming to light.

One such accident involves Aston Villa headliner Jack Grealish and his compatriot, former Plymouth Argyle fullback Tony Capaldi.

Both of them are rumoured to have caused a massive alcohol and diesel-fueled rampage across Waterside in Dickens Heath.

According to a resident in the area, Grealish abandoned his car by the roadside after recklessly driving around the streets. They even smashed the nearby parked cars along the way in the wee hours of the morning.

Along with their pals, Grealish and Capaldi were completely plastered during the incident and proceeded to flee the area when locals came to investigate.

The Police have been involved and if the rumours are to be believed, Jack Grealish could be facing some heavy charges for his actions.

Grealish Shoots Himself In The Foot

What makes this situation all the more juicy, however, is the fact that just hours before his (alleged) drunken escapades, Grealish had been quite the goody-two-shoes citizen.

He uploaded a video message on behalf of the National Health Service onto his Twitter account urging the public to stay inside to help stop the spread of the disease.

The irony could not be more glaring, considering he could not follow his own advice given just a short while ago.

As of now, there has been no confirmation from any official sources about the occurrence of this accident. Yet the photos and the text messages on Twitter do make a compelling case that cannot be denied.

All we can conclude, for the moment, is that Grealish seems to have fallen on his own sword, with locals of the Solihull parish demanding that the star be brought to justice for the (alleged) damage caused.

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Confirmed: Nike will allow Liverpool to lift the Premier League title in New Balance kits 

The adjournment of the current season amid the coronavirus outbreak means that various football associations and clubs need to derive a common solution to the obstacles that bar further proceedings of the current campaign.

Liverpool, who were en route to their first league title in 30 years, might have to forego the trophy given the growing number of Premier League clubs are reportedly pushing for the cancellation of the current league campaign.

However, if the FA decides to get the season completed somehow, Nike, which takes over the Reds’ kit sponsorship deal from June 1, 2020, will have to concede huge amounts of money attached to the images of Jurgen Klopp’s men lifting the Premier League trophy, to the current sponsors New Balance.

Nike and New Balance seemed to be locked in an interesting battle for attrition over which team kit would be used while lifting the trophy.

While earlier it seemed home and dry, with New Balance having a watertight contract till the end of the regular season, the coronavirus pandemic put proceedings out of gear.

The dispute between the two sporting goods manufacturers can be explained in very simple terms – New Balance’s current contract gives them exclusive rights as kit suppliers for Liverpool until the 31st of May, after which suppliers’ rights would be transferred to Nike.

However, with the league being shut down until further notice, this means there is a great likelihood of a few fixtures being played after the said date, where both contracts would be overlapping for a short period of time.

The two companies will most definitely find themselves at odds with each other in financial terms – Nike would like to maximize the potential of an expensive contract where it is paying out 70 Million pounds a year, while New Balance would stand to gain a lot of merchandising moolah from the Reds’ players lifting the trophy in its kit.

New Balance and Nike Settle Fight Over Liverpool’s Livery

It has now quite surprisingly emerged that Nike has given the green light to let New Balance provide the kits for the Reds’ coronation as Premier League champions.

With some fresh information trickling through from top-dog journalist for The Athletic, James Pearce, Nike are of the opinion that it’s ‘only right’ that New Balance be allowed the rights to clothe the eventual title winners.

This was further confirmed after Liverpool’s managing director and chief commercial officer held a round of talks with both clothing giants.

A general consensus emerged that there will not be a change of kits before the end of the season despite uncertainty over when the remainder of the fixtures will be held.

A rare win-win-win for all parties involved as – Liverpool can breathe a sigh of relief, without a stressful court battle on the cards; New Balance get a nice little parting gift, and Nike get to enjoy the moral high ground even while they conserve their revenue.

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New Chelsea boy Hakim Ziyech spotted repping Liverpool on FIFA

Hakim Ziyech has a lot of things going right for him at the moment. The Moroccan attacking forward, who recently turned 27, will be arriving at Stamford Bridge for a reported fee of 40 million Euros, and is seen as a player who will massively impact the club’s fortunes with his clinical ability to score goals and provide assists.

Don’t take our word for it – consider what Blues legend and current gaffer Frank Lampard had to say about him.

Fans who have followed Ziyech’s exploits over the last year and a half in the Champions League are rightfully buzzed about signing him.

Ziyech ‘s transfer has, surprisingly enough, ruffled very few feathers among the Chelsea faithful, with it being a universal consensus that he will play a big role in helping the Blues consolidate this season’s progress.

The high regard in which he has been held by the fans so far, however, might have suffered a little setback after a photo of his setup on FIFA that emerged yesterday on Reddit.

The picture by itself seems innocuous – it shows Ziyech’s TV screen and his squad on Ultimate Team of the latest iteration of Electronic Arts’ football game, FIFA 20.

It’s only natural that he’s playing the game, considering all the major football leagues have been shut down owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, what will certainly bug Chelsea fans a great deal is that while Ziyech has used his own card in the position of striker, he’s inexplicably decided to opt for the playing kit of Chelsea’s arch nemesis Liverpool for the entire team.

It is no secret that this year the Merseyside club has been heavily favoured, with many of its players being highly rated on the game.

In fact, a record five players from the same club featured in the game’s highly coveted Team of The Year promotion.

Adding insult to injury, however, was Ziyech’s decision to add Reds’ manager Jürgen Klopp into the side.

While it was probably done to strengthen Virgil van Dijk’s card, Liverpool fans will have lost no time in proclaiming how even a future Blues player chooses to have Klopp in his team over his own manager.

One may, of course be reading too much into a situation that amounts to nothing. After all, the lad has proclaimed time and again his joy and appreciation for the Blues.

However, it is worth noting that in-game, at the very least, Ziyech prefers repping the Reds rather than his soon-to-be club.

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Photo – Look at Marcelo Bielsa in the background as Luke Ayling celebrated his stunning goal with the Leeds United squad

After all of the turbulence that they endured, this is looking to be Leeds United’s year after all.

After a fantastic start to their Championship season, the Peacocks endured some anxious moments in the middle of their campaign as they kept losing match after match from a winning position, partly due to a lack of defensive application and mostly due to keeper Kiko Casilla’s piss poor performances.

All of this, however, is firmly in the past now. Leeds have begun to look a formidable side once more, notching up comprehensive victories in five successive league games.

In fact, their most recent win, a score of 2-0 against Huddersfield, brought them back the coveted top spot that they had lost midway through.

In the midst of all of this, of course, is manager extraordinaire Marcelo Bielsa.

The gaffer has a glowing reputation of making sure the club he works in punches far above its weight, as he showed with the Peacocks in the latter half of last season.

This time around, his tactics did come under heavy scrutiny after Leeds United went through a nightmarish run of form through December and January. However, his pedigree has shone through and he is now back to being revered by the fans and has surely earned the begrudging respect of his detractors.

Of course, a glance at his expression would give a person absolutely no indication as to what he is feeling; the Argentinian is famous for his reticence in displaying any sort of emotion on or off the pitch.

His stonewalling, however, has only endeared him to both the players and the fans, who delight in finding instances of him doing exactly that. And, on Saturday, they got a perfect example of this behaviour.

The incident happened during Leeds’ win over Huddersfield, when a clinical show of passing and an incredible cross led to a fantastic acrobatic goal from right back and man-in-form Luke Ayling.

It was a goal that broke the deadlock between the two teams and Ayling naturally went to the dugout to celebrate with the rest of the squad.

All of them there were equally as jubilant and rushed forward to celebrate with Ayling, with the exception of one man. Of course, it was Bielsa, who was instead apparently looking at replays of the goal to see if it worked out properly: it emerged later that Ayling’s aerial display was no fluke but a result of intensely practicing that very same scenario a day before the match, on Bielsa’s behest.

It is most certainly undeniable at this point that it is this unassuming Argentinian that has brought about a sea change in the Peacocks; from the rag-tag bunch of also-rans from years past to the fighting unit with dreams of the Premier League it is now.

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(Video) Leeds United fans hit back Hull City with their own miserable chant during 4-0 win

The Hull City game against Leeds United from a few days ago has become quite notorious for the many moments of banter that it produced.

Of course, Peacock fans will regaled for a long time to come by Luke Ayling mocking Hull City’s Kevin Stewart after the match got over.

His display of showing where the teams stood in the points table of the EFL Championship (Leeds are second, Hull are all the way down in eighteen) perfectly summed up the general mood of shithousery directed towards the losing team and its fans.

That Hull City suffered a 4-0 ‘mauling’ at their hands was an irony not lost on the Leeds faithful, as another shithouse moment came after the game, when the Peacocks fans, in full attendance at Hull’s KC stadium, decided to give Hull a taste of their own medicine.

It is generally considered as an axiom that Hull City have one of the more pathetic fan chants in recent times.

Hull City were ‘mauled’ by Tyler Roberts on the day

The combination “You’re getting mauled by the tigers” while fans simultaneously claw the air (indicative of the tiger on the crest) is derided by other clubs as being cringeworthy, to say the least.

In fact, this sentiment is said to be shared by the general public as well, with even the Metropolitan Police having called out the Tigers fans’ drab routine in the past.

On the day, however, Leeds fans decided to take matters into their own hands and mocked the chant with a brilliant version of their own.

Every person in the visiting fans’ stand stood up in unison and started chanting the infamous song, all the while clawing the air much to the misery of the home team.

In fact, despite only being a parody, the modified chant ended up being much better than the original as it could also be interpreted as “You’ve been mauled by Tyler”, a tongue-in-cheek reference to Leeds striker Tyler Roberts’ fantastic brace on the day.

With even fans being resigned to enduring such blatant derision, it is safe to say that Hull are currently undergoing one of their worst seasons on record, and rivals Leeds could not possibly be any happier.


Juventus star spotted watching Manchester United game as TikTok with stunning girlfriend drops online

Manchester United, after all of the many setbacks they’ve had this season, finally seem to have their strategies bang on. 

While fans have definitely had their spirits lifted lately what with the Red Devils stitching together a neat six match unbeaten streak they will be wary of past instances and refrain from calling this a complete revival of fortunes. 

After all, this isn’t the first instance of this happening; over the last few years, United have been famous for managing some ‘memorable’ victories that have unduly brought fans’ hopes up: the Europa League title in 2017 and the famous come-from-behind victory against PSG last year come to mind. 

These false dawns have only done the club and its supporters’ morale harm, with these sporadic run of victories doing little more than masking the club’s steady downfall over time.  

This time around, the club will be looking forward to make sure that their current run of form is not another flash in the pan. With some promising talent in its ranks, United definitely has the potential to eventually blossom again into the formidable force it once used to be. 

However, it is patently clear that, for assured long term success, the Red Devils need to capitalize on their recent positives, and signing more world class players is the need of the hour as many fans have bluntly observed.  

It is only understandable then that the Old Trafford faithful jump at every chance they can get to link every half-decent player on the face of the Earth to their favourite club. Paulo Dybala does not belong to this list of players.

In fact, the prospect of the baby-faced Argentine forward joining United, as it turned out, wasn’t merely baseless speculation: it had emerged last year that Manchester United had been actively pursuing the twenty six year old Juventus midfielder throughout all of the summer transfer window. 

At one point of time, it even looked certain that the lad would make the move from the Old Lady of Turin to the Red Devils and become its new superstar. However, disagreements over his image rights led to United being forced to rescind their offer for Dybala.

Now, however, fans seem to think that perhaps United has a fresh chance at signing him, with their “evidence” coming from an unusual source as Dybala’s girlfriend Oriana Sabitini dropped a TikTok recently, with the Juventus star playing a small cameo at the end. 

However, Man Utd fans who spotted the video were more concerned with what was happening in the background as the television set behind the couple played United’s clash with Watford –

While it does seem to be a bit of a stretch, fans do believe that perhaps Dybala is still interested in completing a move to Old Trafford.

Of course, with Dybala getting very limited game time under new manager Maurizio Sarri even as he gets into his physical prime, La Joya would surely be considering the transfer seriously. 

Dybala as false nine with Martial and Rashford on either side of the wings would cause havoc even for the best of defences. 

Add to that the superior dexterity that Bruno Fernandes has added to this United side and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer could have in his possession the most lethal attacking quartet in football.

While it might not happen for them this season as their odds of winning the Premier League trophy are on the lower end, the Red Devils could very well surmount a title challenge next year with a credible line-up of gifted talents and proven superstars that they’ve set about building.

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New boy Martin Braithwaite scores Messi-esque goal in training before Real Madrid clash

Martin Braithwaite’s entire perspective of the football world is sure to have shaken up significantly over the past fortnight or so.

Not a year ago he was branded with harsh, hateful words like flop and an absolute failure after not being able to win over fans at Championship club Middlesbrough for two seasons.

The lad had been mediocre, yes, but he received near-universal condemnation from the media that nearly derailed his career.

After his exit from English football, Martin, however, found a new lease of life with bottom-of-the-table Leganes in the La Liga.

Apparently, his somewhat improved form was good enough for a club as big as Barcelona to consider him as a backup striker.

And, while his inclusion into the squad was only to cover for an injured Luis Suarez, the Danish forward has quickly found fans for what is, basically, a quintessential underdog tale.

The striker, bought by the Blaugrana for roughly £18 million, failed to impress anyone in the stadium during his unveiling, performing and failing at some tepid shows of skill.

However, since that day, reports have constantly emerged of his hard working ways in training and his desire to learn.

The culmination of this effort was seen in his debut against Eibar, where he nearly bagged a goal and provided an assist to none other than Lionel Messi.

Safe to say, his detractors are definitely sitting up and taking notice of his determination to prove them dead wrong.

An aspect of his training that is especially noteworthy is his ability to constantly absorb knowledge imparted by the best in the business who he regularly works with.

Of them, Braithwaite clearly looks up to Messi and has been spotted trying to implement more of the Argentinian’s game in his.

A video that surfaced on Twitter recently showcased exactly how successful Martin has been in his efforts. In the clip, Braithwaite can be seen going over some attack scenarios with his squad mates who’ve been divided into two teams.

Martin, after a touch of passing the ball around with Arthur, goes on a pacey run all of a sudden, taking the opposition by surprise.

The lad then takes the ball, dribbles it comfortably past three defenders and calmly slots it into the net. The resemblance to Messi’s famous displays of skill was uncanny.

With the El Clasico right around the corner, Barça will consider themselves very fortunate to have a solid back up striker at their disposal in the form of Martin Braithwaite.

The Dane almost certainly has a hunger to succeed with the chance that he’s gotten, and Real Madrid would do well to watch out for him.

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Photo – Snapshot from Chelsea clash shows just how much of a shithouser Jose Mourinho really is

While it has been controversial ever since it was implemented back in the 2018 World Cup, VAR has caused some major acrimony in the past few months, with players openly protesting it’s shoddy usage.

One such incident occurred the last Saturday, during the match between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur.

While the Blues managed to beat their London rivals 2-1 despite some tense moments in the end following a Rüdiger own goal, the match overall was riddled with controversy.

One of the most shocking decisions came in the 52nd minute.

Tottenham’s Giovani Lo Celso, who was in possession, was shielding it from the opposition when Azpilicueta came sliding in to get the ball. He missed, however, and was instead stamped on by Lo Celso.

The referee, who did not have the best view of the incident, referred it to VAR. However, even in this situation, with the decision being so easy to make, Lo Celso got away with nothing more than a yellow card.

This, when players with lesser offences usually get sent off with a direct booking. Even the Premier League admitted later on that the VAR had gotten it horribly wrong in that particular incident.

What’s interesting about this incident, however, was Jose Mourinho’s opinion about the situation.

The man was seen, by millions that too, on live television being directly in front of Lo Celso and Azpilicueta when the challenge happened, less than a metre away at the sideline.

Yet, when asked about it in a post match interview, all the Tottenham manager had to say was this:

“I didn’t watch it. I didn’t watch on TV and in the game. I don’t know.”

Good lord, that is some clowing of the highest order. And it is, by no means, the first or even the fifth incident of ‘The Special One’ having disparaged teams and their managers before: here’s a decent quiz on Mourinho’s many shithouse moments.

There’s no denying that Jose is certainly world class when it comes to both managerial tactics and shithouse antics.

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Footage of a steward soaking in the atmosphere inside Ibrox goes viral after Rangers v Braga

Scottish Premier League club Rangers truly seem to be on a roll this season.

Apart from the top flight points table, where they currently trail leaders and bitter rivals Celtic by ten points with a game in hand, the Steven Gerrard led team has been solid in all of the various competitions it has participated in this season.

Today, however, it is just one victory in particular that will most certainly be playing in their minds. This would be the incredible comeback win that Rangers just somehow managed to snatch from Portuguese outfit Braga in a round of sixteen Europa League match last Thursday.

Playing at home in Glasgow, Rangers got off to the worst possible start, falling behind to Brazilian Fransergio’s goal in the eleventh minute of the game. After an otherwise dull first half, their miseries were compounded when Barcelona youth export Abel Ruiz made it 2-0 for the away side just before the hour mark.

What followed next, however, simply took away the fans’ breath away as Rangers launched a scintillating comeback.

Having been absent for large parts of the match, their attack burst into life at the most opportune moment, capitalizing on a tired Braga defence.

Winger Ianis Hagi, son of Romanian legend Gheorghe Hagi, was the first to strike, his goal bringing back some hope for the Rangers faithful. Eight minutes after that, substitute Joseph Aribo’s wonderful strike restored parity.

It was another strike, eight minutes from full time, from budding star Hagi that finally landed a death blow on Braga’s hopes of snatching an away victory from the fixture, and the Bears capped off an improbable win of epic proportions.

As expected, the packed stands at Ibrox stadium, completely taken aback and delighted by the turnaround, simply went bonkers when the final whistle sounded. They raucously sang chants praising the players and their voices filled the air and brought about a goosebumps-inducing atmosphere in the arena.

The experience was so greatly inspiring, in fact, that one of the stewards was completely overawed by the fans’ tremendously synchronized display.

He was seen looking around the stadium, breath clearly taken away by the thunderous chanting and clapping that he was witnessing.

If that monumental moment wasn’t enough to make him a Rangers fan (if he wasn’t already), then perhaps nothing will be.

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(Video) Brilliant moment between Anthony Martial and Bruno Fernandes in training bodes well for Man United’s future

Even when looked at it objectively, it hurts to watch the dreadful decline that Manchester United have experienced this past decade.

A team that used to win the Premier League title practically every year, Man United have only won 3 trophies ever since the irreplaceable Sir Alex Ferguson retired from the club in 2013.

Yes, even back then, Sir Alex was making do with a squad that was at times either unbalanced or had quite a few underperformers. His greatness, however, was in making sure he got nothing but the best out of his players, extracting very last bit of their potential and transforming it into concrete results.

The same simply cannot be said of Sir Alex’s protege, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. While the Norwegian legend has technically sound tactics, he has failed to make full use of the talents he has been provided.

Martial, in particular, has been attracting heavy criticism over his finishing ability lately, with club legend Roy Keane simply stating that he is “not quite good enough” for United.

At present, however, there does seem to be some legitimate winds of change blowing through Old Trafford.

Amazingly, the Red Devils decided not to make a slew of signings this transfer window as they have done on previous occasions (Harry Maguire’s shocking 95 million euro price being an excellent example).

Instead, they tightened their purse strings, opting to buy only talented midfielder Bruno Fernandes and bringing in Nigerian striker Odion Ighalo on loan, deciding to focus on improving team morale rather than bloating the squad with big money signings.

It certainly seems to have paid off as United secured a crucial 2-0 victory over bitter rivals Chelsea with Martial latching on to a corner from Fernandes and heading in one of the goals.

In fact, the pair have developed quite a bit of bonhomie, seemingly becoming the best of pals off the pitch as one of the animated interactions between the two during a recent training session was shared online:

United fans will pray that now, with some flair and attacking creativity injected into the middle courtesy of Bruno, Martial hopefully gets some free reign to play in his goal-scoring role again.

In fact, even in the difficult season that he’s had so far, he’s still managed to have nineteen goal contributions (goals and assists).

Gelling well with a player like Bruno, who had provided a whopping 28 assists and scored 39 goals in his two and half seasons at Sporting Lisbon, will only help Martial’s case and reaching a 30-goal per season contribution would no longer be just a wild fantasy for the French striker.

The duo could feed off each other in terms of assists, become a devastating partnership and help the Red Devils get their attacking mojo back.

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Next season home kit looks banging as Arsenal fan photoshops rumored design on Nicolas Pepe

Here at Thick Accent, we’ve covered a variety of concept and fan made kits before – be it this smashing Spurs kit made off of the famous Nigeria jersey, or a polarising Arsenal one that was made by inverting the colours of their current home kit.

Today, however, we’re taking a look at an illustration that was made by a Gunners fan and is causing genuine excitement within the Arsenal fan community.

This one is unique in that it is simply the fan’s visualization of what is already pretty much confirmed to be the Londoners’ kits for the 2020-21 season.

The design for the new jersey has been leaked by Footy Headlines – a leading expert in the field – and is currently making the rounds on the internet.

The leaks show patches of the Arsenal jersey that are nearly identical to the current ones, with the exception of some uniquely shaped patterns added in.

The patterns look like arrowheads with alternating dark and light red colouring. They are present on the crimson shirts, with the white sleeves looking pristine apart from the sponsorship logo.

While changes might feel incremental at first glance, the jersey is very easily distinguishable from the present kit and looks unique – a tough ask in today’s world considering design palettes have become highly saturated.

Twitter user @LacaZte decided to breathe life into this new template and photoshopped the patterns onto a photo of Arsenal midfielder Nicolas Pepe.

While the patterns will probably look slightly different when the official jersey actually comes out, the visualization is clean and the design looks very appropriate for the kit.

The overall package, one must say, looks solid, with Twitter also reaching the same consensus. Gunners fans can hardly wait for the kit to be introduced.

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Ryan Sessegnon showing exactly the kind of attitude Tottenham fans wanted to see from their players after RB Leipzig defeat

Tottenham Hotspur seem to have a bit of a rebuilding act going on at the moment.

While they did have a far-from-ideal beginning to the season, sliding all the way down to ninth place, Spurs have picked up some form since then and played some encouraging football under new manager Jose Mourinho.

However, their hopes of making a strong end to this season suffered a bit of a setback yesterday, when they had to accept a 1-0 loss against RB Leipzig at home in the Champions League round of sixteen first leg.

While their defence had a decent outing, Spurs were clearly outplayed in midfield by the faster German side, Dele Alli in particular being completely shut out of the game.

Their frontline, missing the likes of Kane and Son, did little to alleviate their troubles, completely stifled by a Leipzig defence playing out of its skin and refusing to be budged by anything that was thrown at it.

However, something that is gathering praise from fans all around is the rapidly improving attitude and work ethic of Spurs players.

This was reflected yesterday when keeper Hugo Lloris didn’t look like he wanted to accept his man of the match award, instead looking to improve himself.

One player that seems to have exemplified this attitude is young talent Ryan Sessegnon. The English left back, still only nineteen, was brought into Spurs as a certain future superstar after his fantastic performance for Fulham last year.

He is definitely what the club needs at present, being solid both in defence and as an attacking option down the wings. While he has had limited game time so far, the lad is a hard worker and has never been caught slacking.

And, on a night where Spurs fans were frustrated by Alli’s off-field antics after being taken off, Sessegnon showed the world what an ideal work ethic should be like despite not even being in the squad for the match.

On his Instagram, soon after the game was done, Ryan posted a story of himself in the gym, getting ready to pump it out.

Compare it with Alli throwing a tantrum and the difference between the two could not be clearer.

This sort of attitude will only help Tottenham, considering they have crucial league matches against Chelsea and Wolves in the next two weeks, and it is great to see a young player like Ryan setting an example.

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The sound when that Haaland shot hit the back of the net in win against PSG

Erling Braut Haaland has, by any measurable parameter, an absolutely monstrous season in the Bundesliga already.

This, despite having played only five games in the league and starting just two of them.

During this time, he has already scored a whopping eight goals, including a hat-trick on his club debut for Borussia Dortmund.

Yesterday, he decided to continue this rich vein of form in the Champions League, scoring a magnificent brace as Dortmund got away with a 2-1 victory at home to Paris St Germain.

Linking up with another prodigious talent, English winger Jadon Sancho, the Norwegian lad made lightning fast runs and counter attacks into the box, including one that nearly broke the 60m record.

Of his two goals, however, the second one, coming on the heels of a Neymar equaliser, was made of special stuff.

Having received a pinpoint pass from teammate Giovanni Reyna, Haaland sprinted across from about twenty yards out, deftly avoiding a defender in the process.

As soon as he reached the edge of the box, not caring for the incoming slide tackle from the opposition, he let the ball fly from his powerful left foot, unleashing a shot no goalkeeper could hope to stop.

In fact, the resulting goal bounced off the net so hard that it made a thunderous sound loud enough to be caught on the broadcaster microphones.

While almost no one is left in any doubt that the boy is going to go on to be a superstar in his own right, with the way he’s started, Dortmund fans find it difficult to believe that he isn’t already one.

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(Video) Sadio Mane pulling up Jordan Henderson’s compression pants on the bench is pure friendship goals

In the field of football, true friendships are, when all things considered, pretty hard to come by. With their lives being extremely fast paced, and their careers being physically and emotionally demanding, footballers hardly find time to interact on a personal level with their teammates and get to know one another.

That is a crying shame because it is pretty evident that a good team only functions when all of its cogs are well oiled. It is therefore, the hallmark of a great manager to make sure his wards get along well and get team morale to a higher level.

And Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp seems to be exactly that sort of manager.

Putting more focus on teamwork, the German has made sure that Liverpool become a close knit unit that is also lethal on the pitch.

A great example of that was seen yesterday in the Champions League match between Atletico Madrid and Liverpool.

With Jordan Henderson preoccupied with getting ready for the post match interview after the loss, he failed to realize that the back of his compression shorts were not fully up, giving the world a regrettably ample view of his behind.

Coming to the aid of Hendo, however, was an ever-alert Sadio Mane, who very quickly gathered that his captain was to be caught with his pants down (compression shorts in this case) and, in a sudden move, pulled his shorts up before a lot of people could notice.

Mane, like any good friend, truly had Hendo’s back!

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Liverpool fans take referee Szymon Marciniak’s Wikipedia page to town after Atletico defeat

It isn’t much to say but referees have an extremely hard job.

Having to contend with riled up players every time they are on the pitch, whatever calls they make are maligned by whichever team feels it is being wronged.

However, the truly acrid part of this absolutely thankless gig is the horrible insults that they receive from fans day in and day out.

Indeed, this sort of long term exposure to abuse can have a detrimental impact on the health of these officials – many regularly receive death threats and there have been cases where they’ve taken their own lives.

This is why it is always appreciated when fans manage to criticize refs without being too abrasive about it.

One such incident came yesterday, after Premier League top dogs Liverpool suffered a controversial 1-0 defeat away to Atletico Madrid in the Champions League round of 16 match.

While Liverpool did not look anywhere near their best, their downfall was helped along to a great extent by some sub-par refereeing from match official Szymon Marciniak.

It must be noted that the Polish referee has some history with the Reds, when he gave away a full 6 yellow cards in total to Liverpool players nearly two years ago in a Champions League group stage against PSG.

Last night, he was in abysmal form again, handing out undeserved fouls left and right, including a crucial throw in mistakenly given to Atletico that led to their goal. He even managed to penalize manager Jürgen Klopp.

The Anfield faithful, though irate at the official, found a very creative and hilarious way to get back at him: they edited his Wikipedia page –

Liverpool fans showing the footballing world that you could very easily pull someone’s leg without being toxic about it.

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(Video) Mason Mount went to all four corners of Stamford Bridge to thank and applaud Chelsea fans after Man United loss

Chelsea have been one of the few teams in the Premier League this season who have not underperformed terribly.

While yes, being in fourth place, a full thirty five points behind leaders Liverpool isn’t an ideal situation for a cash rich team that spends millions of pounds almost every year, but it is still an impressive feat considering that they were banned from buying any players in the last two transfer windows.

With the Blues being unable to fortify their squad, they were forced to rely on the depth of their squad and their youth players, and boy did it pay off handsomely.

Players like Tammy Abraham, Callum Hudson-Odoi, Fikayo Tomori and Mateo Kovacic have stepped up to the plate, delivering consistent performances on the pitch and helping Chelsea hold on to a Champions League spot.

However, it is Mason Mount that has been a revelation this season.

More than superb on loan at Derby County the season before, the twenty-one-year-old youth academy graduate has quickly risen through the ranks to become a regular starter for the first team this season.

However, it was another aspect about him that came shining through yesterday in the match against Manchester United.

With the Blues playing against the Red Devils at home in Stamford Bridge, Chelsea supporters thronged the stadium hoping to see a memorable victory.

Instead, it all went terribly wrong with United running away 2-0 victors.

While Chelsea will feel robbed by a couple of tight decisions that did not go their way, there is no denying that some of the players dropped absolute stinkers on the night.

Mason Mount, on the other hand, was one of the few bright spots alongside Kovacic in midfield and had a hand in creating a few chances.

However, it was after the match where the lad showed his true class. He went to all four corners of the stadium, applauding and thanking the fans for their attendance and support.

This incident only goes to shows the amount of maturity and humility he already has at this age, and Blues fans can rest assured that this budding talent has a level head resting on his shoulders.