(Photo) Jordan Henderson has responded brilliantly to Michael Ballack’s comments on Virgil van Dijk

Jordan Henderson leaves cheeky comment on a post sharing Michael Ballack’s recent comments on Virgil van Dijk

While near-universally considered as one of the best defenders in the world at the moment, Virgil van Dijk attracted criticism from Michael Ballack recently.

Ballack was an undisputed midfield legend for Germany and Reds’ rivals Chelsea, where he is much loved.

However, his comments on Liverpool’s star centre back has gotten quite some flak from Anfield stalwarts and fans alike.

Ballack claimed recently that Liverpool’s Dutch talisman was “very lucky” he did not get to go up against yesteryear’s top strikers.

Some strikers that he mentioned in his comments were Didier Drogba, Alan Shearer and Thierry Henry, among others.

Reds’ fans were left incredulous over Ballack’s logic.

After all, with VVD’s technical competence and physical might, they felt he could easily keep up with players of such calibre.

And Liverpool captain Henderson succinctly summed this feeling up with a hilarious observation –