Video: Michael Ballack ignores lingerie-clad cabaret dancers to watch Chelsea live stream

Michael Ballack showed he has got his priorities in order as the former Chelsea player was caught on cam watching the Champions League final against Manchester City on his mobile as the whole restaurant club had their eyes on the scantily clad table-dancing ladies.

An extremely good choice from the German in the end as Chelsea went on to clinch the prestigious trophy after Kai Havertz’s first-half goal ensured a 1-0 win for Thomas Tuchel’s men against Pep Guardiola’s side in Porto.

The former Blues midfielder was in Lio, a famous restaurant club in Ibiza and could not look less interested in what was going on behind him as he had his eyes engrossed in the match.

Champions League final is once a year affair, sexy girls dancing can be literally every day for someone like Ballack. Check out the video below –