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Tottenham ace Son Heung-min labeled ‘clinical’ as new Kim Jong-un update arrives online

Tottenham ace Son Heung-min labeled ‘clinical’ as new Kim Jong-un update arrives online

Son Heung-min is generally regarded as the undisputed face of Asian football.

The unassuming 27 year old forward from South Korea set alight first the Bundesliga and then the Premier League in quick succession.

At the moment, he is the only Asian headlining a big name club like Tottenham Hotspur.

With this privilege comes the weight of being a footballing symbol for an entire continent.

Fortunately, Son is a modest man and many consider him one of the nicest players in the league. The contrast between his lethal capabilities on the pitch and his affable demeanor off it amazes many fans.

In fact, a memorable moment from last year saw Son breaking down on the pitch after accidentally breaking Everton’s Andre Gomes’ ankle.

This nice guy does not finish last

Son is a veritable icon back in his country due to his heroics. However, like all Korean citizens, he is subject to the strict laws of the nation. Among these laws is one where every adult male has to enlist for 18 months in the military before the age of 28.

Duties with the army could have cost Son almost 2 seasons worth of football. Luckily though, Son was able to chop down his year and a half tenure of the obligatory military service by earning a gold medal for South Korea in the 2018 edition of the Asian Games.

Although the suspension of games over the globe has dearly cost the football world, the Tottenham ace has decided to take advantage of the situation. And admittedly, there couldn’t have been a better time to serve the country amid the ongoing pandemic.

However, people on the internet have been correlating some strange turn of events since the commencement of Son’s duties.

Apparently, the supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un has gotten critically ill ever since the Tottenham winger set foot in the adjacent state. An obvious coincidence that is. Or is it?

Now, we’ve seen the South Korean finish from some of the most unthinkable angles and positions. The reach for this one, however, goes levels above that, if the reaction on Twitter is to be believed –