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Neymar and Son Heung-min, meet the latest bromance in football

Neymar and Son Heung-min, meet the latest bromance in football

Tottenham Hotspur‘s Son Heung-min is a certified superstar on and off the pitch. 

His consistently blistering displays in the previous few PL seasons have placed him on the list of the very best players in the league. Aside from that, his humble and mellow persona off the pitch has made him a fan favourite

Yet, the South Korean still has reservations about his popularity. This was revealed by fellow Spurs teammate Emerson Royal, ahead of South Korea’s friendly against Brazil. 

In an interview, the fullback said, “Sonny asks me about Neymar, he says ‘Does he know me?’ I reply: ‘Hey Son, of course, he knows you, man. Just as you admire him, he can admire you too. Like Neymar, you’re a star.’” 

Despite being a popular figure around the globe, the South Korean was still unsure whether Neymar was aware of his talents.

His doubts emerged out of admiration for the PSG superstar, whom Son recently spoke on. The forward hailed Neymar as ‘the best player in the world’, and also shared his ambition of reaching that level.

Fortunately, the duo finally had a chance to share the pitch during the friendly, and even had a warm embrace prior to kickoff, giving fans the first glimpse of a potential bromance.

Neymar comforting Sonny after the South Korean picked up a knock

Both the players exchanged shirts with each other following the game, and couldn’t hold back their smiles either.

Neymar went ahead and reciprocated the South Korean’s admiration as he labelled Son as ‘one of the greatest in the history of football’ on his Instagram

Seeing as they’re practically buds now, one can’t help but wonder how lethal the duo would be on the pitch. Hopefully, that thought comes to fruition in the future, if not, at least fans can get a bromance out of it.