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Cristian Romero and Richarlison Overcome Bad Blood to Protect Son Heung-min

Cristian Romero and Richarlison Overcome Bad Blood to Protect Son Heung-min

Premier League heavyweights Tottenham Hotspur are currently in South Korea for pre-season, the home of their talisman Son Heung-min

After a successful outing against a side made up of K-League All-stars, Spurs faced off against Spanish outfit Sevilla.

Both sides fielded competitive XI’s, and fans also got to witness the trio of Son, Kane and Richarlison in action. As evidenced by the lineups, both sides carried plenty of intent, and soon enough, things got feisty.

The game was far from your standard pre-season friendly, as there were plenty of risky challenges and tackles.

Proceedings ultimately hit a flashpoint due to a coming together between Gabriel Montiel and hometown hero Son. 

As seen in this clip, the Argentine came barging in for a tackle on Son, before eventually hitting the turf. 

Upon close inspection, it’s apparent that the South Korean accidentally struck the fullback with his elbow, which left him bleeding. After switching out his bloodied shirt, an enraged Montiel confronted Son as soon as the half-time whistle rang. The Sevilla man offered some harsh words, and received a shove from the South Korean in return. It all kicked off, Montiel looked to charge back in, but to Son’s defense came the unlikeliest of duo’s. 

Former arch rivals Cristian Romero and Richarlison quickly intervened, and guarded Son from the opposition fullback’s attempts at riling him up. 

A mob soon formed, with unpleasantries being exchanged everywhere. The fiery affair eventually sizzled as players returned to their dressing rooms, and the clip of the altercation soon went viral.

It became particularly popular within the circles of Spurs’ fans, who simply loved how the former adversaries came together and backed up their teammate. 

Behind the scenes footage had previously revealed that the hatchet between the pair had indeed been buried. And by the looks of it, the South American stars may be starting to form a real bond.