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Cristian Romero gets revenge on Richarlison with nasty challenge

Cristian Romero gets revenge on Richarlison with nasty challenge

The passion football fans possess for the beautiful game in Europe is well documented. 

It’s common to find players lauding the atmospheres at European stadiums, however, what you hear comparatively less about, is the fanfare behind football in South America. 

A read through the history of derbies such as the Superclasico or the Derby Paulista is enough to understand that Latin America simply takes it up a notch. 

National Rivalries are equally fierce in the continent, a notable one being between the football heavyweight nations of Argentina and Brazil. 

When the 2 teams share a football pitch, controversy and violence follow. 

The animosity often leads to personal enmity as well, the latest example occurring in the Premier League, between Richarlison of Brazil and Cristian Romero of Argentina. 

The pair represent Everton and Tottenham Hotspur respectively in England and were in action last night. 

Romero went in on the Brazilian in just the 30th minute of the game, with a vicious tackle that looked far from accidental.

Fans online speculated that the rash challenge came as an act of revenge for when Richarlison mocked Argentine players, following their exit from the Olympics. 

After the conclusion of the game, an Instagram story by Romero seemingly cemented the theory that the challenge did indeed stem from a case of personal distaste for the Brazilian. 

The centre-back posted an image displaying the 5-0 scoreline, with Richarlison laid out flat in the background due to his challenge, some truly savage trolling by the Argentine.