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Fan spreads Karim Benzema propaganda at the back of his Barcelona kit

Fan spreads Karim Benzema propaganda at the back of his Barcelona kit

Rivalries propel the spectacle that is football to even further heights. The Manchester Derby, the Derby Della Maddonia, the Superclasico are examples of some globally renowned rivalries. 

However, there is perhaps none as revered or fierce, as the aptly named, El Clasico. 

A rivalry between the two greatest clubs in history, vying to one-up each other at every turn, drawing in fans of entire generations. No matter what club you support, when the Clasico rolls around, one usually goes Real Madrid or Barcelona

And considering the almost religious passion shown by fans of either side, mingling with the opposition becomes blasphemous. That’s why you’ll never hear Culers speak positively of Luis Figo, whereas Madridistas make no mention of Samuel Eto’o. Keeping that in perspective, it would be bizarre to imagine a Barcelona shirt with the name of a Madrid star emblazoned on it, yet this football fan thought it was a neat idea. 

Spotted during Barcelona’s Europa League tie against Galatasaray at the Nef Stadium, this fan wore Barca’s Champions League kit and chose Real Madrid’s star man Karim Benzema‘s name at the back of it. 

As the image gained popularity online, the fan himself took to Twitter and clarified that his name isn’t Benzema, possibly meaning that his decision sprouted out of sheer appreciation for the French striker. 

There are a host of reasons to jump on board the Benzema bandwagon at the moment, as the striker is perhaps, the best in the world right now. His reason could’ve also been just a shot at attempting something unique, something peculiar and in that case, he has certainly been successful. 

If in the future, he manages to get the shirt signed by the striker himself, he will be in possession of a truly special artefact.