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Why Kingsley Coman Opted For Karim Benzema Over Robert Lewandowski

Why Kingsley Coman Opted For Karim Benzema Over Robert Lewandowski

The sight of Robert Lewandowski wheeling away to Barcelona, while Bavarian supporters chant ‘Hala Madrid’ at him would’ve seemed like dystopia just months ago. 

Yet somehow, the Catalan club has made it a reality. Numerous bids and negotiation rounds later, Barca finally landed their marquee signing for a reported €50m. 

Elation spread across the Blaugrana support, while Bayern fans were reasonably less enthused. The German club’s top brass had their gripes as well, especially with the manner in which the Polish striker pressed for a move.

Nevertheless, the transfer has come to fruition, perhaps at the cost of ending his Bayern affiliations on a sour note. 

Do these feelings of resentment extend to his former teammates? Well, in one case that appears to be true, at least as a joke. 

The instance in discussion centres around the striker’s former teammate Kingsley Coman, who recently took on the ‘You Have To Choose’ challenge. As the name suggests, the players taking it on simply have to choose, no matter how difficult the questions may be. 

The Frenchman’s answers included Messi over Ronaldo, Federer over Nadal and Henry over Mbappe among others.

His most intriguing response came after being asked to pick between Lewandowski and Les Bleus teammate Karim Benzema

After a bit of hesitation, Coman ended up picking his national teammate, and said “Lewy left us, I’m sorry, so Benzema.” 

The wide grin on his face clearly suggests that the Frenchman’s reasoning is merely a joke, but his answer was enough to get fans talking online. 

Does Coman actually think Benzema is better? Or was Lewandowski’s departure an actual reason for his answer? These questions have since popped up, and they’re likely never going to be answered. 

The details are frankly trivial, what’s important is that at the moment, it’s K9 over ‘Lewangoalski’ for Kingsley Coman.