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Who is Cezary Kucharski? Old agent hogs spotlight with crude remarks on Robert Lewandowski

Who is Cezary Kucharski? Old agent hogs spotlight with crude remarks on Robert Lewandowski

The situation of Robert Lewandowski has become quite awkward in the last few months. Ever since he publicly announced his desire to leave Bayern Munich at the end of last season, rumours have been flying non-stop about his future.

Barcelona are reportedly the favourite to sign him as Lewandowski wants the challenge of playing in the La Liga as the next step in his career.

But what has fired up the scenario is Bayern’s insistence that they will not allow Lewandowski to leave this summer, let alone issue a cut-price deal for him.

The Polish striker has grown increasingly frustrated at his club’s stance and is publicly pushing hard for a move. Amid all this uncertainty, Lewandowski’s former agent Cezary Kucharski has hogged some of the spotlight with his controversial comments.

Kucharski acted as Lewandowski’s agent until 2018 when a financial dispute saw the striker end all terms with him. Cezary is clearly still bitter about that and has taken the current situation to make a dig about the Polish striker’s inability to play in the Premier League.

He said: “I always heard Robert give a childish explanation that it rains so much in England. But I think the real reason was that he didn’t think he could be as efficient as in Germany. Robert was really afraid of that.”

Who is Cezary Kucharski and a look into his bitter relationship with Lewandowski

Cezary clearly wants to belittle his former client by indicating that he fears flopping in the Premier League. Kucharski was a striker himself in his playing career, but he mostly played in Poland itself and just had one short stint at Sporting Gijon in 1997, scoring 2 goals in over 12 appearances.

Cezary just scored 3 goals for Poland in his international career, while Lewandowski has already scored 76 times for his nation. Kucharski ended his career in 2007 and started a sports management company CK Sports Management and started representing Lewandowski in the early part of his career.

He also acts as an agent for Eurosport Management and represents many young players in the Bundesliga. His partnership with Lewandowski ended in 2018 after Robert grew wary of him and started his own management company RL Management.

Kucharski has since been at odds with him and in 2020 also accused the Bayern Munich striker of tax fraud. Cezary claimed that Lewandowski regularly transferred money from his German bank accounts to his Polish ones without informing German Tax authorities.

He even claimed that Robert sent a ‘loan’ of €2.5m to his wife from his RL Management company but never wanted it back. Kucharski tried to blackmail his ex-client to pay him €9m in compensation – but Lewandowski’s representatives accused him of harassment, libel and blackmail.

The two are currently embedded in a legal case as Kucharski is determined to get his compensation for his ex-client and try to bring shame to Lewandowski whenever he gets a chance.