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The Height Mismatch Fans Couldn’t Ignore When Lorenzo Insigne Met LeBron James

The Height Mismatch Fans Couldn’t Ignore When Lorenzo Insigne Met LeBron James

Napoli Legend Lorenzo Insigne has undergone a drastic change of scenery, as he stunned the footballing world, and jumped ship to the MLS. 

The Italian lit the Euros on fire no less than a year ago and is thoroughly capable of playing for a different European club, which is why fans were surprised when news of the move arrived. At the time, the 31-year-old stated his love for Napoli as the main reason for his decision, saying “I would never play for another European club”. 

In line with his statement, Insigne switched continents and joined Toronto FC. MLS gained another superstar, and as such, the move was surrounded by publicity. 

Insigne famously went Hollywood and crossed paths with Adam Sandler, a crossover plucked straight out of fan fiction. The actor wasn’t the only American celebrity he came across, as the forward recently met NBA Icon LeBron James

Pictures from the interaction have gone viral, and the only thing fans can talk about has to be all too familiar for Insigne. 

Be it America or Italy, MLS or Serie A, Insigne’s stature and height still remain the recurring topic of discussion.

Images from the meeting reignited the chatter, as the 5’4 Italian was dwarfed by James, who stands at a mammoth 6’7. To be fair, most people would pale in comparison to the American’s height, so it really is an unfair contest. 

But the other aspect fans noticed is quite shocking, and impossible to unsee after you’ve spotted it.

After a quick zoom, users online realized that the steep difference in size also extends to the hands of both stars. Their handshake is almost equivalent to a toddler grabbing onto an adult’s finger, as Insigne’s entire palm is barely able to hold onto James’ Index finger. 

Height mismatches aside, the 31-year-old looks to be enjoying his time in the US so far. He’ll be eager to get off the mark for his new club and showcase his quality in the MLS.