Pep Guardiola Exposes Disastrous Kyle Walker Hair Transplant

Football Twitter really is a world of its own, featuring its own lingo, references and of course, memes. 

Fans on the platform adore assigning ironic and satirical nicknames to various figures in the game, and similarly, opinions are articulated to draw out chuckles.

For instance, even our generation’s greatest gaffers haven’t escaped unscathed, as Jose Mourinho is referred to as archaic, Jurgen Klopp is some sort of mad chemist handing out asthma medication like hors d’oeuvres and Pep, well Pep Guardiola is the ‘bald fraud’. 

The ‘bald’ part requires no explanation, as for ‘fraud’, certain fans on the platform seem to be convinced that the Spaniard would simply be unable to dominate leagues without vast financial backing. His proven prowess matters little to the believers, and the moniker will certainly stick until Pep leads some substandard side to the top.

Nevertheless, the Manchester City boss may just have drawn the crosshairs away from him for the time being, as he inadvertently placed it on one of his players instead. 

It all happened when the Ctiyzens recently returned for pre-season training. The pre-season ‘’buzz’ was in abundance, and players and staff were clicked with beaming smiles.

One such picture featured Pep atop the shoulders of Kyle Walker, the image was reposted by the pair on their respective Instagram accounts as well. 

However, fans soon noticed a major difference between the two, as Walker’s post seemed to have some subtle edits.

The fullback’s post displayed a full mop of trimmed hair, with no visible oddities. Unfortunately, Pep accidentally blew the facade by uploading the raw image, which clearly shows Walker’s partial hair transplants.

The internet caught on quickly, and jokes followed. 

Evidently, it’s time for the fullback to pick a pat, shave it all or go full transplant. Perhaps Pep can convince to join the ‘bald and proud’ fraternity.