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Arsenal defender Gabriel Magalhaes chronicles hair transplant journey

Arsenal defender Gabriel Magalhaes chronicles hair transplant journey

Being a footballer is more than just an icon inside the pitch for some, but is also a style icon. Over the years, many football fans have tried to replicate the look or style of their favourite player.

Be it David Beckham’s iconic styles in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Ronaldo Nazario’s sweet cut in the 2002 FIFA World Cup or even Robert Baggio’s ‘Divine Ponytail’ – many footballers have gained popularity based on their hairstyles.

Even in modern-day football, players are often trying to reinvent themselves with changes in their appearance. Arsenal defender Gabriel Magalhaes, although, hasn’t really shown himself to be too bothered about his style statement. The Brazilian is naturally bald, so there was no point in changing up his hairstyle.

That was until Gabriel decided to grow some hair on his head. The hair transplant procedures in today’s society have come a long way. A good hair transplant specialist can help even a naturally bald person to grow a head full of beautiful hair.

Over the years, many footballers have undergone hair transplants. Wayne Rooney did it during his playing career, going from being fully bald to developing a smart hairstyle. But Gabriel decided to do something when it came to his hair transplant journey.

He decided to document the entire event on social media. Rather than shying away from it, the Brazilian defender promoted and encouraged having hair transplants by documenting his own journey.

How much did Gabriel Magalhaes’ hair transplant cost

Gabriel visited the Dr Emrah Cinik Clinic in Istanbul. The Turkish clinic is regarded as one of the leading specialists in hair transplants in the world. Besides being popular, the procedure is also quite cheap as the price ranges from €2000 to €3000.

It seems the Arsenal centre-back gave them the permission to record the hair transplant process he was going through.

The fascinating process shows some lines being drawn on Gabriel’s head and little bits of hair being transplanted on top of it. A special spray can be said to be applied on his head to lighten up the new bits of hair after the transplant as well.

Gabriel gets through the process with a completely new style. Some visible patches of hair can be seen on his head and it’ll take more time for his head to be prominently covered with more. In fact, a hair transplant can take 3-4 months to show its full effects.

At a time when many people in society have growing insecurities about their looks, the Arsenal defender has reassured us that there is nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to hair transplants and getting a completely new look using modern technology.