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Danny Aarons Reveals Jaw-Dropping Before and After Photos of his 4-Year Weight Loss Journey

Danny Aarons Reveals Jaw-Dropping Before and After Photos of his 4-Year Weight Loss Journey

Danny Aarons has elevated himself to become one of the most notable football YouTubers around. He has over 1.6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and has gone from doing FIFA pack-opening videos to actually interacting with world-class footballers.

It’s not that Aarons doesn’t do FIFA videos anymore. He definitely spends A LOT of real money to open epic packs and those videos are still going strong. But Aarons has also moved on to actually playing much more football, often with well-known present and past footballers.

The 21-year-old realized that he needed to get in shape if he’s to take part in these intense football drills or skills displayed in his videos. Most of his videos pertain to ‘challenges’ where he goes one-on-one with footballers, often trying to score different types of goals or penalties.

Aarons, a Tottenham Hotspur supporter, has even managed to link up with Son Heung-Min and has seen his popularity soar because of his YouTube success. He has over 2 million followers on Instagram, most of whom he surprised by revealing the stunning physical transformation he has undergone to attain his current physique.

A few days ago, Aarons decided to reveal a mirror selfie that gives a side-by-side comparison of how hard he’s worked on his weight transformation. The Spurs supporter had no shame in admitting that he was overweight in the past and looked extremely chubby. However, he has since worked hard to cut down on all the fat and slim down to a respectable shape.

While Aarons might not have any six-pack abs or a proper muscular figure that many pro footballers do, he has definitely lost the awful fat that was literally weighing him down. With this side-by-side comparisons, Danny posted a nice captinon that wrote: “Far from finished but happy with the progress.”

However, it’s not like Aarons has lost all this weight and slimmed himself down in a matter of days or even months. In fact, his weight loss journey actually began on August 2020 when the YouTuber decided to seriously tackle his problems after growing up to weigh 238 pounds.

At that time, Danny was mostly involved in making FIFA videos, be it opening packs or playing matches. In fact, before 2020, he even seemingly mocked his physical state by making videos where he ‘exercised’ while playing FIFA.

But Aarrons started to take a serious path to slim down and obtain an optimal physical state from 2020 onwards and slowly, but surely, the results started to appear. In August 2022, the Spurs supporter posted the improvement in his physique and revealed that he managed to lose 68 pounds in a course of 24 months.  

However, Danny has admitted that he’s not exactly fond of going to the gym and that kind of intense exercising is not cut out for him. In a reply to a user back in 2022, he had noted: “Would’ve also given up halfway as I don’t like the gym, people lose weight in different ways mate.”

Well, recently, Aarons revealed the secret behind his weight loss technique and how he trimmed himself down so much without extensive work in the gym. He revealed: “Literally, all I did was walk for an hour a day and didn’t stuff my face. The only meals that I was eating were what my mum cooked, it wasn’t anything fancy. It’s easy! The actual formula to lose weight is easy, it’s the discipline.”

The 21-year-old has managed to lose some more weight to bring himself to a pretty admirable physical state, building up muscles on his body – although he is a bit skinny in the chest area. Aarons’  transformation methods have inspired his fans to tackle their weight issues and cut down on their fat – with the YouTuber’s impressive dedication being exemplary to anybody looking to cut down their weight.