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How Much Did it Cost Danny Aarons to Buy 5.5M FC 24 Points?

How Much Did it Cost Danny Aarons to Buy 5.5M FC 24 Points?

The impending release of EA Sports’ FC 24 has the entire world of gaming waiting in anticipation, but some professional gamers have already been given an early version of the game, including Danny Aarons, who seems to have spent a crazy amount of money to stay ahead of the curve in the Ultimate Team mode.

Aarons is a YouTuber with over 1.5 million subscribers on the platform, and over 700,000 subscribers on Twitch. He is a FIFA (now FC 24) fanatic who has been covering a number of EA Sports’ successful franchise’s games and climbed the ranks among the best players in the FIFA Ultimate Team mode as well.

He is like the best possible promoter of the FIFA games and now looks to be primed to do some discreet marketing of FC 24 on behalf of EA Sports. Aarons not only plays the Ultimate Team games on his streams or videos, but also does a lot of other interactive stuff like opening packs that contain some of the game’s best players.

How much has Danny Aarons spent on FIFA points?

It appears that Aarons has already gotten his hands on the FC 24 game, even though it hasn’t been officially released yet. The Englishman recently showed that off on his Twitter, but something that really caught the fans’ attention is the crazy amount of FIFA points that he has in his account already.

Aarons’ screenshot of his FIFA points showed that he currently has over 5.5 million FIFA points in his account. This, of course, doesn’t come for free at all and fans have since realized that he must have spent over £34,000 to wrack up that many points in his account.

The price of 100 FIFA points is around £0.80, but he seems to have gone all out to ensure he has enough points to open all the possible packs in the game, be it legends cards or gold cards, and get his hands on all the best possible players in FC 24.

How does Aarons afford crazy spending on FC 24?

Fans have been totally stunned by just how much Aarons is willing to spend on a video game, just to make sure that he can climb to the top of the Ultimate Team rankings once the game actually releases.

But then again, there has been an acceptance that Aarons is a professional FIFA gamer, and this is actually his profession. Playing FC 24, streaming it and attracting more views to his videos is going to be what earns him money going forward and if he does it well, he’ll earn well over the £34k he spent on the game before its release.

Aarons is actually a pretty well-to-do influencer already thanks to his amount of subscribers on the different platforms. The Englishman is rumoured to have made over £37,000 on YouTube over the last 30 days itself, thanks to his impressive subscriber count and the crazy views that his addictive FC 24 videos get.

He is also rumoured to receive around £3,000-£5,000 from his Twitch active monthly subscribers and should get much more from the tips he gets on his streams as well.

For him, spending big money on FC 24 makes total sense because he is also likely to earn a double or even triple return of that amount after the game releases and fans come in big numbers to watch his addictive, entertaining videos.