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How YouTuber Danny Aarons Discovered Wataru Endo Before Anyone Else

How YouTuber Danny Aarons Discovered Wataru Endo Before Anyone Else

One player who has consistently been a driving force in Liverpool‘s midfield this season, relentlessly pursuing every ball until the last whistle, is Wataru Endo.

Playing in a pitch that included Rodri and Kevin De Bruyne, Liverpool’s latest cult hero dominated the midfield against Manchester City, and his influence was huge throughout a pulsating afternoon.

Following disappointments in missing out on signings like Caicedo, Jude Bellingham, and Romeo Lavia, many Liverpool supporters were initially unenthusiastic about the club’s decision to sign a relatively unknown Japanese midfielder.

While his name was relatively new among Premier League fans, regular followers of FIFA streams on Danny Aarons‘ YouTube channel were already acquainted with his promising talent.

Before his breakthrough at Anfield, his exceptional talents weren’t discovered by a renowned football scout, but rather by a teenage FIFA Streaming YouTuber – Danny Aarons. Looking back, one can’t help but recognize Aarons’ keen eye for talent at such a young age.

Danny Aarons’ obsession with Wataru Endo

Back in 2021, Danny Aarons shared a snapshot of his EA FIFA 21 FUT Bundesliga Team of the Season, and what might have caught some by surprise was the inclusion of Wataru Endo in the midfield, despite the availability of bigger, high-profile established names.

At that time, Wataru was still playing for Stuttgart. Despite holding the captaincy for his Bundesliga side and boasting over 100 appearances, Wataru was still a relatively lesser-known figure within the squad at that time.

Danny Aarons’ YouTube channel boasts over 1.69 million subscribers and is renowned for creating football and FIFA-related content. His videos have consistently garnered tens of thousands of views over the past five years.

As a result, people following him became familiar with the name Wataru Endo. In fact, many have openly acknowledged that if it weren’t for the YouTuber, they might not have even been introduced to the Japanese player.

Naturally, there were also questions raised regarding the selection of the Japanese midfielder for the team, but Danny Aarons held a different perspective. He was impressed by the midfielder’s abilities in the game and subsequently made Wataru Endo a regular part of his FIFA team since then. This fascination grew to such an extent that it earned the moniker “Danny Aarons’ brain rot obsession” from onlookers.

Fast forward to 2024, with Wataru Endo now making his mark in the Premier League and delivering promising performances, people have come to realize the rationale behind Danny Aarons’ obsession. Consequently, Danny has garnered considerable recognition for his keen talent-searching abilities.

His discerning eye for talent is now unquestionable, as Wataru Endo is not the sole example. Danny Araons was among the first to spot the potential of young talents like Karim Adeyemi and Jeremie Frimpong, both of whom are now excelling for their Bundesliga teams, and are likely on a similar trajectory as Wataru Endo.

Wataru Endo at Liverpool so far

During the last summer transfer window, Liverpool secured the signing of Wataru Endo, adding an intriguing dimension to Anfield. Having being acquired from Stuttgart for £15.6 million, Wataru was part of the major midfield overhaul that Liverpool underwent in the summer, which also saw Alexis Mac Allister, Dominik Szoboszlai, and Ryan Gravenberch arrive in Merseyside.

The inclusion of the Japanese international, caught many Liverpool enthusiasts off guard. While he had received praise from numerous Bundesliga pundits, there were varying opinions among the Liverpool supporters. However, Jurgen Klopp’s strong belief in Endo was unwavering. Known for his astute player selections, Klopp viewed Endo as not only a smart acquisition but also someone who could significantly contribute to the team. And boy, was he right once again.

However, Endo encountered difficulties when he initially struggled to impress the supporters upon his arrival at Anfield. Reflecting on his challenges, Endo remarked, “Yes, it’s harder than I thought, but I’m very happy to be here. Physically, it’s speedy, so it’s very hard to adapt, but it’s the Premier League, and I keep trying and keep playing, and I’ll get better. I’m already 30 years old, but I feel I have a chance to grow as a football player, so I’m so happy to be here, and I can improve.”

But improve he did, and now, after spending several months with the Merseyside club, Wataru Endo has begun to flourish. Fans can now see why Klopp was so eagerly rooting for him, and why Danny Aarons has been keeping the 30-year-old in his FIFA Ultimate Team for so long, as Endo has become an integral piece of the Liverpool midfield setup.

Endo’s role as a midfielder is distinct from the modern No 6 archetype. Unlike dominant possession-demanding players like Rice or Rodri, Endo operates in a more passive manner. He isn’t the conductor but rather the metronome of the team. His off-the-ball movement, ability to create space, and covering for Trent Alexander-Arnold are foundational to Liverpool’s gameplay. Despite only scoring one goal and providing two assists in his 31 games for the Reds, Endo’s contributions may not always directly result in goals, but they are vital in sustaining the team’s rhythm.

Something that the boss Jürgen Klopp has admitted as well. “Football-wise exceptional, his defensive brain is outstanding, [he] gives us a lot of freedom for a lot of things. “Top development I have to say. Very helpful!”

Given his recent performances, it’s evident that Wataru Endo has solidified his place in the team and is here to stay. With his exemplary contributions, it wouldn’t be surprising if now club scouts broaden their horizons beyond visiting football grounds and also consider insights from FIFA streamers on YouTube. Who knows? Perhaps Danny Aarons has already identified the next future star.