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How Wataru Endo’s Children Impressed Everyone During Liverpool Lap of Honour

How Wataru Endo’s Children Impressed Everyone During Liverpool Lap of Honour

The sight of Wataru Endo’s kids showing discipline and skill in equal measure won over the internet during Liverpool‘s lap of honour last Sunday

The 31 year-old Japanese international brought in from Stuttgart to replace Fabinho in a surprising summer move has attracted great plaudits from fans and pundits alike for his brilliant performances at the base of midfield. In no hyperbole, Endo really has had an incredible influence at Liverpool.

It’s fair to say, that same can be inferred from the mannerisms of his dutiful children.

As the players and their families pay a lap of honour and sound their gratitude to the fans for their amazing support throughout the season, Endo’s children certainly carried out their sportsmanship duties in the highest order of respect possible.

The four children followed their father in a duly formed straight line as he paid respects to the fans. It was a moment symbolic of the values imbibed in them by the parents.

It was interesting to see that the kids arranged themselves according to their age paying immense importance to the seniority. A moment that really melted a lot of hearts.

Fortunately, that’s not all that the fans were treated to by the Endo family. After the game against Wolves, children of the players were having a usual kickabout with each other.

In an entertaining display, Endo’s second-eldest really showed no mercy to Joe Gomez’s son and even his fellow brothers. His dribbling was amazing to see and really drew some cheers from the fans before Andrew Robertson’s son carried out a fantastic imitation of his father and hilariously recovered the ball with a crunching sliding tackle.

The internet certainly appreciated the son following in his father’s footsteps and couldn’t get enough of it.

As important aspects of Japanese and Asian culture, family, seniority and respect are carefully taught by Endo. The children’s natural reaction and the urge to respect their father and learn from him, embodies the values instilled in the them.

The world has massive respect for Japanese culture and mannerisms, highlighted by their ever warming gesture of the players cleaning their dressing rooms after a game and their fans the stadium during the World Cups.

Endo is no different, and still holds them in high regard whilst passing them down to his children.