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Mohamed Salah Meets Wataru Endo in a Ripped Balenciaga Top, Here’s What It Really Costs

Mohamed Salah Meets Wataru Endo in a Ripped Balenciaga Top, Here’s What It Really Costs

Mohamed Salah decided to give new Liverpool signing Wataru Endo a warm welcome by greeting him on his first day at the club, but his interesting Balenciaga tee worn for the occasion has caught a lot of eyes.

The Egyptian winger might not be among the captains at Liverpool, but that doesn’t stop him from acting as one behind-the-scenes. He decided to pay Endo a visit to help get more comfortable with his new teammate and ensure that the Japan midfielder starts to feel more at home since his surprising move from Stuttgart.

Salah’s sweet little interaction with Endo was captured by the Liverpool media took, who decided to release the footage of their chat in their social media platforms soon after unveiling the Japanese midfielder as their newest acquisition.

What t-shirt is Salah wearing in Endo video?

In the video, the Egyptian forward can be seen entering into the doctor’s room where Endo was probably undergoing some medical examinations. He has a little chat with the 30-year-old midfielder, asking him if he can speak English – which the Japanese star actually can.

On top of that, Salah tells Endo that he can expect the winter to get really cold and for him to get ready for that. In the video, however, some fans immediately noticed something interesting about the baggy t-shirt being worn by Mo and how the logo was actually blurred out by Liverpool.

It has since been revealed that the tee is actually one created by French luxury fashion house Balenciaga. A possible reason why Liverpool’s social media team might’ve blurred out their logo was probably because Balenciaga is not their shirt sponsor and they did not want to give publicity to a rival brand to Nike.

The cost of the Balenciaga shirt worn by Salah

Some fans immediately noticed just how wacky Salah’s t-shirt really was, because it definitely wasn’t a normal one. The Egyptian forward appears to be wearing a tee that is torn in multiple areas, which might be a new fashion trend. To his credit, Salah appears to be pulling it off really well and has no issues wearing it in front of camera either.

Well, for those who really wants to know about this, this ‘torn’ t-shirt is more expensive than the kind of attire you’d probably wear for everyday use. Indeed, this Balenciaga ‘distressed-finish’ t-shirt is actually worth a whopping $1000 per piece. It is also available in multiple colour variants than the light purple one that Salah is wearing.

Balenciaga describes this t-shirt as: ‘Balenciaga taps into a laid back and casual aesthetic with this logo print T-shirt that is distressed with ripped detailing and made with a boxy silhouette.’. It’s a 100% cotton t-shirt which has an oversize finish that allows it to be a solid fit for anyone.

Some fans have cheekily started comparing Salah’s $1k t-shirt with their own ‘torn’ garments and that he is showing himself to be ‘poor’ with this ripped tee, even though its very expensive. With that being said, Salah seems to be a fan of Balenciaga’s stuff and has posted pictures wearing their products in the past as well.

Indeed, Salah posed wearing black Balenciaga speed sneakers on his trip to Dubai during the 2020 off-season period which cost around $895! It’s quite clear that the Egyptian forward definitely has the attraction for wearing fashionable stuff and is ready to pay a lot of money for stuff like tees or sneakers.

Not that spending $1k on a t-shirt is that big of a deal for a player who gets upwards of £400,000-a-week at Liverpool. Balenciaga will at least be thrilled that Salah keeps giving them free promotion and will hope they can keep making unique stuff that the Liverpool star wears in public and helps them make extra bucks too.