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Mohamed Salah Rocks Oversized Nahmias Bunny Sweatshirt to Training – Where to Buy and How Much Does it Cost?

Mohamed Salah Rocks Oversized Nahmias Bunny Sweatshirt to Training – Where to Buy and How Much Does it Cost?

Mohamed Salah has finally recovered from the injury that ended his Africa Cup of Nations 2024 campaign and returned to Liverpool training in style, wearing a rather divisive sweatshirt that makes him really stand out from the rest.

The Liverpool fraternity will be delighted to see their star forward make a return after he only played one game in 2024, the big win over Newcastle United in early January. After that, he left for the AFCON – where he picked up an injury early into the tournament and had to fly back to England.

He’s been rehabbing his injury since, but his appearance in the Reds’ recent training sessions hints that the winger is ready to play again. Salah has earned a reputation of trying to be fashionable and try out different things, but something he wore to Liverpool training recently really catches the eye.

What Was Mo Salah Wearing to Liverpool training?

Just ahead of Valentine’s Day, the Liverpool Twitter account posted a set of pictures of their players turning up to training in an effort to allow fans to see what these superstars normally wear before divulging into training gear.

Well in Salah’s case, he decided to wear something totally different to his teammates. The cameras caught a smiling Mo donning baggy trousers, white shoes and a light blue oversized sweatshirt with a huge face of a bunny rabbit on the centre of it for the occasion. He took the term ‘casual wear’ to the next level with this kind of unique get-up to training, as the winger seems to really prioritize the need for comfort wear.

Unfortunately for Salah, not everyone has been won over by his fashionable attire for training. He has attracted really divisive reactions to him wearing this kind of a get-up, with many complaining that he’s trying to dress like someone way below his actual age and how stale the oversized look comes off on some.

Some have even complained that someone his height (5’9’) should really not try to wear oversized attires because of how they look to ‘bag’ them down. Salah is unlikely to care about what the fans thinks because he really likes wearing that he finds comforting.

What Is The Price Of The Sweatshirt Mo Salah Wore?

The Egyptian winger has had this tendency to wear all kinds of unique t-shirts and attires to Liverpool training sessions. Earlier in this campaign, he wore a super expensive ripped Balenciaga t-shirt when meeting teammate Wataru Endo for the first time.

Well, it also turns out that the sweatshirt that Salah recently wore to Liverpool training is actually one created by renowned Los Angeles-based fashion designer Doni Nahmias. The actual price of the light blue bunny sweatshirt is at a whopping $446, and the discounts to it don’t really make it any easily accessible to the common public either.

Other outlets like Lyst is selling this sweatshirt for over $500 – while there’s a white version of it also available to purchase.  

Lyst, for one, offers worldwide shipping to any country – but of course, shipping charges will rocket the price of this attire even more. The sweatshirt is 100% cotton and a major ‘highlight’ of the sweatshirt is that it is ‘Made from a midweight non-stretch fabric, this piece offers minimal elasticity when worn’. Basically, it is the baggiest sweatshirt one can want and an attire that will not be tightly stuck to your skin either.

The price of this Nahmias bunny sweatshirt is probably enough to take up a chunk of the common fan’s savings, but for Salah – who is rumoured to be earning a massive wage package of around £18 million per year at Liverpool – that price is nothing at all. Despite whatever the supporters might think, Salah seems really happy to be wearing attires with so much elasticity and a sense of freedom when not having to wear tight polyester football kits.