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How Much Does Daniel Sturridge’s Jumper with Massive Pocket Cost?

How Much Does Daniel Sturridge’s Jumper with Massive Pocket Cost?

Former Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge has successfully transitioned into the career of a football pundit after seeing injuries end his time on a football pitch.

He currently does punditry for Sky Sports at times and is known for being quite ‘fashionable’ in his appearances. The former Liverpool striker definitely took the cake by wearing an attire with a HUGE pocket recently.

Sturridge was one of the guest pundits for the recent Premier League game between Manchester City and Chelsea, with the Englishman having of course played for both teams before finding success at Liverpool.

He was accompanied by Sky Sports regular Micah Richards, but more than his opinions itself, Sturridge turned heads with what he wrote to the show.

What Did Daniel Sturridge Wear To Sky Sports Show?

It seemed like the pundits agreed to wear an all-black attire for the key Premier League clash, with Richards also donning clothes of that colour in the show. Sturridge decided to wear a turtleneck jumper and black pants, but it was the sweatshirt that ended up catching the eyes of all the viewers.

The sweater in itself does not have any outlandish designs or any crazy patterns that can turn heads. It’s a basic turtleneck, full-length attire with a plain black colour design. However, there is an absolutely massive leather pocket towards the left region of that catches the attention.

Maybe it was a style statement or Sturridge really wanted stand out from the rest of the pundits on Sky Sports.

If not anything else, then the ex-Liverpool forward was definitely able to amuse a lot of viewers with his fashion sense during the Manchester City-Chelsea game.

Can You Buy This Daniel Sturridge Sweatshirt?

Well, it turns out that Sturridge might have been representing UK fashion label JW Anderson – which was founded by designer Jonathan Anderson. Because this attire that he is wearing looks to be the Oversize Padlock Detail Leather Patch Pocket Mock Neck Sweater which has been designed by JW Anderson.

The official description of the attire is ‘A gleaming padlock detail at the back and an oversized leather patch pocket offer grungy allure to this mock-neck sweater framed by roomy dropped shoulders.’ Well it seems like despite its unique appearance, this sweatshirt can cost you an arm and a leg.

This jumper costs a whopping £750 on the official site.

For a former Premier League footballer like Sturridge, however, this is not that big of a deal and he ended up promoting JW Anderson’s attire on national television too.

Sturridge, to his credit, has constantly kept trying to reinvent what a ‘football pundit should wear’ after having worn bold attires in the past too. Even though stuff like this sweatshirt might make him look strange, at least it helps him go viral and ensures that Sky Sports keeps bringing him back.