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Fans Buzzing Over The Rock’s Bold Versace Look on SmackDown

Fans Buzzing Over The Rock’s Bold Versace Look on SmackDown

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is officially back on board with the WWE just in time for Wrestlemania 40 and in the recent episode of SmackDown, he provided a major throw-back by wearing a fantastic Versace shirt to the event.

The Rock is back with WWE after securing a place among the board of directors at TKO – the parent company for both the WWE and UFC. In an attempt to ensure that the upcoming Wrestlemania is one of the biggest successes of all time in terms of commercial revenue and viewership, Johnson has inserted himself back into the WWE main event scene and turned heel to align with his cousin Roman Reigns – the undisputed WWE Champion.

In the recent Smackdown episode, The Rock reaffirmed his bond with Reigns and cut the promo of a heel (the bad guy) – but it was his shirt that got many viewers talking.

What Shirt Did The Rock Wear On SmackDown?

Towards the end of the show, The Rock came out to talk to the crowd and cut a promo about how he’s joining the Bloodline (Reigns’ faction) and will help him defeat his rival, Cody Rhodes in the Wrestlemania 40 main event. But a lot of old-school fans were chuffed to see Johnson really embrace his heel character by wearing an iconic Versace shirt.

When The Rock was in his initial stint with the WWE in the 1990s, he used to often wear Versace designer shirts and try to make himself look like an arrogant, rich man to earn heat from the audience. Well, it turns out that he decided to bring back one of his memorable Versace shirts with slight modifications.

Some have noted that Johnson might have actually altered or cut down a Versace shirt he wore in 90s to fit his current build and also wore his iconic black glasses to embrace the ‘Hollywood Rock’ character where he tries portraying himself to be a bigger thing than everyone else in the WWE.

The Rock wore a number of Versace designer shirts in the 90s, but the one he recently brought back is a slick golden shirt with a beautiful blue pattern – which helps him show off his ripped physique and also show his riches at the same time. There is also a picture of a cheetah drawn into the back of the shirt with some interesting designs too.

Is This The Rock Shirt Available To Buy?

When it comes to the price of shirts like this, The Rock used to boast in the 90s when he wore these as a heel character that each piece cost him $500 and that he could easily afford them, unlike most of the fans watching. With inflation rates, it’s likely that such Versace shirts cost upwards of $950 or more at least nowadays.

Unfortunately, however, it doesn’t seem that Versace shirts of this exact design are available in online stores any more. This shirt was picked up by The Rock probably a long time ago and he has somehow manage to preserve it in time for his WWE return as this ‘Corporate’ or ‘Hollywood’ character.

There are, however, other Versace shirts of a similar design available on their website – which can be purchased and shipped to countries all over the world. A similar Versace watercolour couture – a black one with the symbols of a golden dragon – costs around $500 or the equivalent according to different currency rates.

For someone like Dwayne Johnson – who as a rumoured net worth of $800 million – spending $500 or anything like that is kind of like loose change. However, staying true to his old ‘Hollywood Rock’ character – he decided to pull off this unique shirt and bring back a brilliant old memory for the fans.