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Inside Jamie Carragher’s Uncanny Ability to Ace Guess the Player Games

Inside Jamie Carragher’s Uncanny Ability to Ace Guess the Player Games

Two Words. Ball Knowledge.

Jamie Carragher was one of Liverpool’s all-time great defenders and currently he uses his love for the game by serving as a pundit for various networks.

Although he shares comic relief with fellow pundit, Micah Richards on CBS Sports Golazo or when he locks horns and banters with Gary Neville for Sky Sports, his knowledge of the game is unmatched.

His opinions are sometimes questioned and sometimes he receives backlash from fans but even they cannot deny the level of knowledge Carragher carries around in his brain.

Sky Sports conducts little fun games with their guests for their social media regularly. Carragher can be seen outshining his partners in these videos.

Recently, he appeared with former Liverpool player, Daniel Sturridge as they compete with each other’s knowledge of player transfers.

The game ended with Carragher winning with a score 6-4. It’s not just the answers, that surprises fans but the quickness and swiftness of his answers.

This was not the first time Jamie Carragher’s knowledge of the ball was tested. He and Gary Neville played a similar game to that of player transfers back in August.

But this time it was career path questions, where they have to guess the name of the players based on the team, they played for by looking at the club logos.

Carragher won the matchup with a landslide victory over Gary Neville and shocked fans with his knowledge.

Having a seventeen-year career as a football player at Liverpool, Carragher have admits that while his ball play wasn’t as great as others, his knowledge of the game is how he stood out and challenged others. He remains one of the most respected pundits in Europe.

Recently, he showed his knowledge gain on CBS Sports Golazo show, where he gave details from the European Cup final between Red Star Belgrade and Marseille.

Presenter Kate Abdo tried to test him further by asking more questions but Jamie answered them all. This shocked everyone on the panel including former Fulham player, Clint Dempsey and former Manchester City player, Micah Richards.