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Look: Roy Keane Turns Model For New Adidas Range For Men Over 30

Look: Roy Keane Turns Model For New Adidas Range For Men Over 30

Roy Keane has earned a notorious reputation for being the most tough hard-man in football. He was a no-nonsense, ‘will break your foot’ kind of midfielder for Manchester United and is renowned as one of their best captains of all time.

After transitioning into a pundit after his retirement and a failed managerial stint, Keane is often revered for his unbiased, ruthless comments. He has made it a habit of thrashing Manchester United players for bringing down the club’s quality and not being able to work hard enough.

Recently, he even demanded that Bruno Fernandes be stripped of the captaincy after his side’s crushing 3-0 loss to Manchester City. While he might be this disgruntled old man on TV, Keane is learning to adapt to the times in reality. The person who was barely involved in promotional stuff in his career is now using his reputation to carve an ambassadorial role.

Keane is currently tied with Adidas and surprised many by unveiling Manchester United’s beautiful third kit for the 2023/24 season. But it appears that he has now gone a step forward in linking up with them for his own line of clothing.

The Irishman is the ambassador for their latest range from the ‘Adidas original’ line named ‘Adidas Spezial’. In the advertisement for the Adidas spezial line, Keane is simply seen taking his dog for a walk before modelling the newest products in the line.

He can also be seen riding a boat and giving an interview, where he says: “The biggest challenge for any sportsperson is actually when your career finishes. You almost know you’re never going to reach them highs again, but you have to accept that.

“I’ll never get the buzz from anything else in my life from what happened on the football pitch. Being in a dressing room and winning stuff with good players and good teammates.. oh honestly, it really is amazing.

“Life’s been pretty good to me in terms of my career and my family. I actually have a lot of contentment in my life.  That can go sometimes, but generally speaking… yeah I’m pretty contented.”

Keane debuts a number of new products of the Adidas Spezial line, including a number of jackets and track tops as well.

The Irishman is actually receiving praise for how good he looks as the model for these attires despite his age. Some are also surprised that Keane agreed to do this because of how he’s been critical of footballers for taking time to do modelling gigs outside the pitch.

The Manchester United legend has clearly turned a new leaf to make a side income with his association with Adidas. The products that Keane is wearing in these adverts will soon be available to buy in retail stores and are available to pre-order online as well. Well, they aren’t exactly cheap.

A white and brown Moorfield Jacket that Keane is wearing will cost you about £250, while a bottom tracksuit costs around £150. Even the track top that covers one neck area is around the range of £130-£170, while the gorgeous brown Haslingden Jacket is at a whopping £230.

Even the Adidas Spezial shoes are well over the £100 range and even a spezial cap to protect one’s head costs £50.

These are definitely more expensive than your normal winter wear, but the products’ old-school vibe can help it sell really well in the 30+ category.

Keane has definitely pulled off the attires really well in the advertisement and shown his versatility in being able to act as a rugged, charming model outside of the pitch if he wants to.