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Roy Keane mocks how Harry Maguire speaks with savage pre-match lampoonery

Roy Keane mocks how Harry Maguire speaks with savage pre-match lampoonery

It’s been a week since Manchester United was humiliated in their backyard at the hands of arch-nemesis Liverpool, and while they say that “time heals everything”, it turns out that the wounds from the 5-0 thrashing might still be fresh, as was evident from former club midfielder Roy Keane’s reaction.

Prior to the weekend clash between Man United and Tottenham Hotspur, Keane launched a tirade on-air, expressing grief over Harry Maguire’s abysmal performance over the course of the last few weeks.

The Red Devil legend did anything but mince his words, mimicking the team’s skipper’s generic prototypical replies in the post-match interviews, labelling them as “emotionless and robotic”.

In fact, the entire United back-line, including Luke Shaw and Aaron Wan-Bissaka came under scrutiny for their respective shambolic performances in the previous games, which were nothing but “disgraceful considering the level these players have been playing at”, as far as Keane was concerned.

Twitterati did share a hearty laugh over Keane’s spot-on Maguire impression.

However, it felt much more than a mere moment of on-screen comedy. It reflected the collective passion of the fans and the pain that the Manchester United fandom was still reeling from.

While the club did manage to give Spurs quite the beating in their home-ground redeeming their pride and relieving some pressure off of Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s shoulders, there are still some apparent holes that need to be filled in the midfield and defence in particular.

It’s going to be quite the test for the players and tacticians alike, given that their recent encounters will be Italian giant Atalanta, and In-form city rivals, Manchester City.