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What Bag Did Christian McCaffrey Carry to the Super Bowl?

What Bag Did Christian McCaffrey Carry to the Super Bowl?

San Francisco 49ers superstar Christian McCaffrey had a bitter end to what was a prolific 2023 NFL season, but at least he managed to look good by carrying a sick bag to the Super Bowl LVIII against the Kansas City Chiefs.

McCaffrey was one of the main reasons for helping the 49ers reach the Super Bowl, being among the best running backs in the country. He won the 2023 NFL Offensive Player of the Year award for his heroics and also finished third in the NFL MVP rankings.

He had all the eyes on him heading into the Super Bowl and was well aware that the cameras would be directed at him, which is why he decided to show off his money by wearing and carrying super expensive stuff to the Super Bowl.

Christian McCaffrey Turns Heads With Hermes Birkin Bag

McCaffrey dressed for the occasion by pulling off an attire that would make a mafia boss proud. He wore a slick suit and tie, with a white shirt and black pants capped off with a slick black blazer with white patterns inscribed in it. He capped it off with formal black shoes, basically dressing the exact opposite of what you’d see him wear during NFL matches.

However, it was the bag that he carried along with him that caught the eye of the cameras. It turns out that the San Francisco 49ers running back decided to bring an oversized Hermes Birkin Bag with him.  The French luxury goods maker Hermes were actually the one to introduce a Birkin bag, which is an oversized tote bag way back in 1984 and it was actually named after English-French actress Jane Birkin.

This bag has since become a symbol of wealth, with the brand only using the best material of leather for their products. The ‘official description’ for the Hermes Birkin Bag carried by McCaffrey states that: ‘This Limited Edition Rock HAC 40 is in Black Evercolor leather with palladium hardware, features a diagonal saddle shaped zippered pocket and a detachable fastened pocket on a keychain, tonal stitching, double rolled handles, clochette, 2 keys, 1 lock, toggle front closure, no inside pockets, 1 zippered pocket on back of bag.’

It’s not like the San Francisco star had a whole lot of stuff that he needed to carry to the Super Bowl and thus needed a huge bag. This was just a case of him showing off his wealth and trying to set a new fashion statement, knowing that millions would be watching him arrive at the game.

What Is The Cost Of The Hermes Birkin Bag Carried By Christian McCaffrey?

It turns out that the cost of the bag that McCaffrey carried to the Super Bowl is probably higher than the annual salary of millions that tuned in to watch the Super Bowl LVIII between the 49ers and the Chiefs. This oversized Birkin Bag carried by McCaffrey is a limited edition one which isn’t available for cheap, at all.

There is no real fixed pricing on this kind of luxury item. High-fashion retail stores like Prive Porter have priced it at $68,000 and are willing to ship it all around the world for that sort of pricing. Madison Avenue Couture, which sells a variety of products produced by Hermes, is selling it for a relatively cheaper $62,500 but seems to limit its shipping to the USA, Canada and Europe.

Those in Europe or in the UK can also get their hands on this bag for £25,000 (€29,250), with Lilac Blue’s online retail store selling it. American high fashion sellers Vestiaire Collective are also selling it for just under $60,000. Irrespective of the different pricing in the different online stores, it’s clear that this bag is not for the common person.

For McCaffrey, who earns a rumoured fee of $16 million per year at the 49ers, this is nothing prominent and he probably only bought this bag to flex his financial muscles and enhance his reputation before the biggest game of the year.