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Loving The Dsquared2 Bomber Jacket Erling Haaland Wore Before CL Game? Find Out if You Can Buy It

Loving The Dsquared2 Bomber Jacket Erling Haaland Wore Before CL Game? Find Out if You Can Buy It

Erling Haaland is back fit and firing for Manchester City after a short spell with an injury issue, and his recent brace in the win over Everton indicates that the Cityzens will find his best form towards the final stretch of the season.

Off the field, Haaland loves to get quite fashionable and recently impressed fans by wearing a beautiful bomber jacket before the game against FC Copenhagen in the UEFA Champions League Round of 16. The Cityzens picked up an easily 3-1 win in the first leg to take a step into the quarter-finals, and the players at least headed to Denmark in style by donning brand-new custom-made jackets created by DSquared2.

Erling Haaland Stuns In New Dsquared2 Bomber Jacket

For those unknowing, Manchester City actually has a partnership with Dsquared2 – an Italian fashion brand – since 2016 when the brand became their official fashion partner and were given the opportunity to create their official pre-match attires and the attires the players would wear to away games.

However, this association has not always produced beauty. Last season, for one, Dsquared2 faced a lot of heat for creating a weird €450 cardigan for the players to wear to UEFA Champions League away matches instead of suits or proper jackets. Well, they seem to have learnt their lesson this time and have created something much, much better.

That is because Haaland & co were recently pictured wearing a beautiful bomber jacket created by DSquared2 for the players. The jacket features the colours of the club (sky blue and white) and the majority part of the attire is dominated by a navy blue colour. The City badge is on the side of the jacket, with DSqured2’s icon being in the heart area of the jacket instead.

Ruben Dias in new Dsquared2 Bomber Jacket

This is a much simpler yet elegant-looking jacket as compared to what the brand produced for the Manchester City players to wear last season. This jacket also has the feeling and looks of a varsity jacket – with DSquared2 modifying it to have the colours and icon of the club instead.

Is This Dsquared2 Bomber Jacket Open For Public Sale?

A lot of supporters have been amazed by this gorgeous jacket created by DSquared2 because it looks really comfortable and something one can wear casually in public as well. However, there is some bad news for those urging to buy this attire after watching the City stars pull it off so well.

That is because, after a lot of searching, it turns out that this bomber jacket has not been made available to the public yet. It seems that DSquared2 only created a set of these jackets for the Manchester City squad itself and not one for the supporters or anyone else to wear.

A reason behind that is that the contractual agreement between the two parties might have a clause which compels DSquared2 to create some attires just for their players and not to be made available for public sale.

With that being said, there are other DSquared2 x Manchester City attires that are available to buy for anyone around the globe. For one, DSquared2’s own online store has made a collection of the Manchester City range of collections available to buy for fans around the globe. It isn’t cheap at all, however, with DSquared2 x Manchester City label of jeans, sweatshirts or sneakers all costing upwards of £200 and the jackets being priced in the £600-£750 range as well.

DSquared2 seem to be intent on keeping their status as the Cityzens’ official fashion partners and as long as they can keep designing such slick pre-match attires, the players and fans both will want this partnership to continue for a long time.