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Ben White and Kai Havertz Are Total Besties Now, Here’s the Proof

Ben White and Kai Havertz Are Total Besties Now, Here’s the Proof

Mikel Arteta’s men have scored as many as 16 goals in the last 4 Premiere League games and if that wasn’t a cause enough for celebration, fans have found another. The bromance between Ben White and Kai Havertz.

Ben White and Kai Havertz “caught” on camera.

For a fact, both of them made their senior career debuts aged 16, the English international with Brighton and Hove Albion and the German international with Bayer Leverkusen respectfully, have now also made a similar number of 33 appearances for the Gunners this season.

One of their recent appearances together came in the win against high-flying Liverpool on the 4th of February, and a certain gesture caught on camera after the Martinelli-powered second goal caught a few Arsenal supporters’ attention on X(formerly Twitter).

It wasn’t that of the goal scorer, it was that of White walking up to Havertz and hugging him. It was like that particular kind of celebration you have with that particular friend of yours after you’ve had your group celebrations with other friends. 

They even strolled across the pitch, arms around the shoulder, after the full-time whistle. While many fans weren’t expecting to see this, they were pleasantly surprised.

Benjamin White returns to Instagram (with a strawberry) 

If you follow White on Instagram and wonder why his posts don’t show up on your feed, it’s because he does not post them. For context, his last Instagram appearance was on July 16, 2023, up until after the Liverpool game on the 4th of February.

Many believe the impressive 3-1 win against the Merseyside giant could be a very significant point in Arsenal’s title chase this season, certainly did Ben White, celebrating with a post on Instagram for the first time this season.

While it took more than a good while for his fans to believe that he had put up a post, one even joking if he had finally recalled the password to his account,  the most liked reply under the post was a couple of fire emojis from a certain Kai Havertz.

White similarly returned the gesture soon after with a rare reply. Once after the Liverpool game with a heart emoji, under Havertz’s post on 5th February and then going a step sweeter on 11th February, replying with a strawberry emoji. 

What does the emoji mean? A generic search on the internet will tell you it’s a sweet gesture to acknowledge the value of the person you are sending it to. 

Additionally, though, it could also mean celebrating one’s personality, giving a shout-out to a special friend, or even telling someone that they’re attractive. Potentially, all the things Ben White feels about Kai Havertz.