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What is the Real Name of Man United YouTuber Rants N Bants?

What is the Real Name of Man United YouTuber Rants N Bants?

Manchester United picked up their first win over a top-6 Premier League side this season with a thrilling victory over Aston Villa, but it appears that popular YouTuber Rants N Bants was not happy with the performance at all.

Rantsnbants has over 80,000 subscribers on YouTube and is active on Twitch too, where he has over 25,000 subscribers too. He was born in North West London and is currently a 35-year-old content creator.

Rants has been working as a content creator since 2016, which has transitioned to him being involved in live watch-along streams and multiple podcasts too.

It appears that, going by his LinkedIn profile, his actual name is Dean Simon. The name ‘RantsnBants’ is of course a pseudonym that he has created, akin to many other prominent content creators like Mark Goldbridge (Brent Di Casare) or Don Robbie (Robbie Lyle).

He has earned the reputation for being the ‘cynical fan’, who always tries to point out something negative or the other with the Red Devils’ matches even when they actually play well.

A recent example saw him reacting angrily to Scott McTominay’s winning goal against Villa, because he felt that the Red Devils did not deserve to win.

Despite his rather controversial nature and divisive reputation among fans, the YouTuber has done pretty well for himself over the years.

That is because Rants N Bants is alleged to have earned as much as $105,000 from his YouTube career so far.

Not just that, but it has been estimated that he makes close to $ 90,000 a year with his streaming/content creation work and has an overall net worth of over $350,000 by some estimates.

Rants is also an amateur futsal player, who has been associated with the GB Oranje Futsal team in the past and was part of the squad that won the 2021/22 South Division Championship too.

He has often posted videos of him being involved for the Futsal team and also playing in the London Futsal League, with the team involving some other content creators too.

Are RantsNBants And Expressions Oozing Brothers?

Rants N Bants is also associated with a pretty popular YouTube podcast called ‘Bants Sports Ooz’ – one that is sponsored by Barstool Sports. In the podcast, Rants is joined by popular YouTuber and Tottenham Hotspur fan Expressions Oozing.

The two are very close to each other despite supporting different Premier League teams and their podcast has gained a lot of fandom, with over 100 episodes being created already. They have also stated in multiple episodes that the two are actually related to each other and are brothers ‘from the same mother’ as well.

Despite that, the two have never actually made any content with their parents and look to be comfortable in keeping their private lives apart from the content creation work.

Their close bond is probably why the two seem to have such great chemistry with each other and why the podcast is doing so well. While Rants might not show any signs of making divisive, ‘negative’ comments through every Manchester  United match – his popularity doesn’t seem to diminish and in the end – even bad publicity is good enough to improve his reach on social media.