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How Much Does Endrick Weigh Currently? A Look at the Real Numbers

How Much Does Endrick Weigh Currently? A Look at the Real Numbers

Endrick Felipe Moreira de Sousa. 17 years old. Real Madrid-bound. World at his feet.

Endrick’s celebrity has been in the making long before his move to Los Blancos was confirmed. Having barely broken through the ranks at Palmeiras, the 2006-born Brazilian became the next big hope for his country.

Endrick’s looks play almost just an important a role as his footballing skills in hyping up his potential. Just one look at the kid makes you think of a young Pelé, whose face can be found in the photographs of a long-gone era.

Some would say the comparisons don’t help; just ask Neymar. But at no point has Endrick shown any nerves or signs of failing to bear the pressure. And if his recent international performances for Brazil are anything to go by, there is little doubt that he will be worth ten times over his weight in gold.

Speaking of which, The Athletic‘s Adam Hurrey recently posted this on X, formerly Twitter:

Obviously, this is a tongue-and-cheek comment from Mr. Hurrey as he ponders over a future in which Endrick doesn’t live up to his potential and, like many before him (in particular the likes of Adriano and even Ronaldo Nazário) drifts towards an overweight oblivion after few years at the top, his current build hinting at a body type that would require a lot of discipline and maintenance on his part, which Brazilian footballers of his calibre and expectations have found hard to do, as the pages of history remind us.

Of course, in all likelihood, such a future should prove to be but a needless worry. For the time being, Endrick is as fit as he needs to be.

While not many sources are available detailing his physique, many have taken a calculated guess as to how much the 5’8″ Brazilian might be weighing right now. Soccer Wiki estimates his weight at around 76 kg, while FOX Sports approximates a number closer to 165 lbs, or roughly 74.8 kg.

One can only hope that the issue of Endrick’s weight remains a silly matter of concern as he goes about breaking records, etching his name in the football history books.