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All About the Blonde Woman Endrick Was Caught Thirsting Over

All About the Blonde Woman Endrick Was Caught Thirsting Over

Brazilian teenage sensation Endrick appears to have the quality to be the next big thing for Real Madrid. The 17-year-old was signed for a whopping €60m  by a club that is already benefitting from investing big money in Brazilian players like Vinicius Jr and Rodrygo.

Real Madrid signed the abovementioned stars when they started to shine in Brazil and are hopeful that Endrick turns out to be of a similar quality too. To his credit, the teenager has done a great job at justifying their appreciation for him so far. He has made 56 appearances for the Palmeiras senior team at such a young age and also scored 15 goals already.

As he prepares for a life-changing move to Madrid in 2024, Endrick will have to be ‘media ready’ in terms of being able to speak to the media personnel and ensure that they can’t derail his career. He has to prepare himself to act professionally in interviews or in public places to keep away any sign of criticism on his personality.

Well, Endrick still seems to need some media training because of a clip of how he behaved after a recent training session with Brazil. The 17-year-old seems to be a sweet guy who was more than willing to pose for pictures with kids or their parents after completing training.

However, the teenager has unfortunately gone viral for something he did during an interaction with fans after training with Brazilians. He had his little brother in his arms and was approached by some fans to take pictures and interact after it.

The 17-year-old was seen cheekily checking out a beautiful blonde woman who can be seen going just past him. A viral, slow-mo video captures just how quickly he was able to scan the woman from head to toe and Real Madrid fans just can’t get enough of it.

Some fans are amazed by his ‘scanning ability’ and believe he is showing signs of a natural striker in being able to scan the surroundings around him. Some other fans believe that Endrick might now start to visit nightclubs and more parties after the Brazilian striker literally claimed in an interview that he hates going to parties as he doesn’t want to ruin his reputation.

It also appears that the woman Endrick is cheekily checking out in this viral clip isn’t some ordinary fan, but actually a Brazilian model. This blonde woman is Gabriely Miranda, who has over 40,000 followers on Instagram and is associated with the Brazilian modelling agency Emodel Brazil.

She appears to be a Palmeiras fan who has visited their matches to watch Endrick live in action as well. Interestingly, Endrick is not the only Brazilian star to be fascinated with Miranda too, as she is also followed by Real Madrid defender Eder Militao. Endrick is not in any relationship or anything like that right now, but it might seem that he is clearly impressed by beautiful women.

With that being said, 17-year-old currently seems to be focusing on only improving himself as a footballer and finding his ultimate potential to ensure that he can regularly play for Real Madrid after joining them next summer.