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Look: Everton Fan Group 1878s Prepare Unique Banners and Cards Against Premier League

Look: Everton Fan Group 1878s Prepare Unique Banners and Cards Against Premier League

Everton’s season was turned upside-down after they received a 10-point deduction from the Premier League for financial fair play breaches in the past. Fans are understandably upset to see this happen, but the Toffees will now venture on a new path to get out of the relegation zone as soon as possible.

It isn’t that hard at this point of the season, with Everton just being two points away from safety. However, their point deduction has rubbed the majority of the football fraternity the wrong way, with many calling it excessive and unnecessary. The Evertonian faithful are not one to stay silent against what they feel to be the Premier League’s agenda against them.

With the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea not being reprimanded for their financial breaches over the past, Everton fans feel that they’re being targeted to send a message. The Toffees return to action in the Premier League when they host Manchester United at Goodison Park in their upcoming match, and some fans are planning an interesting protest against the league.

The 1878s Everton fan group, one of the most devoted groups in their history, are planning to let the world know their disgust against the Premier League. They have planned to do some interesting stuff during the match to show their unwavering support for the Toffees and also deliver a middle finger to the league officials.

One interesting thing that they are planning is to distribute customized red cards to the fans attending the match before the game. These will have the Premier League’s logo with the word ‘corrupt’ written in it, and the 1878 group are hopeful of distributing it to every single person that will be sitting on the stands.

They will be distributing the cards close to all the gates outside Goodison Park and are urging supporters to raise this in the air on two occasions. The first would be when the Premier League anthem is played before kick-off.

The second time this would be raised will be in the 10th minute, in response to the 10-point deduction, and the 1878s group is also urging supporters to loudly chant ‘Premier League corrupt as f***’ during that minute so that it is heard on TV as well.

A lot of Manchester United fans also seem impressed by this idea and are willing to participate in this form of protest due to their own issues with the Premier League. With that being said, this isn’t the only way that the Everton supporters are aiming to protest against their punishment.

The 1878s group is also planning to bring a variety of new flags or banners that will be on display at Goodison Park to both motivate their players and also stick it to the Premier League. One is a direct insult to the league organizer that reads ‘Where there is power, greed and money…there is corruption.’

Three more new flags are being planned to be debuted in the upcoming game against Manchester United. One of them includes the ‘Dogs of War’ tag to show their support for Sean Dyche’s fighting brigade. The others are like a rally cry for the players to keep fighting despite others wanting to keep them down.

A hostile and volatile atmosphere is expected at Goodison Park for Everton’s first match after the point deduction. The players will look to use this to their advantage to put on a show and prove that despite the Premier League looking to kick them down, they will always keep getting back up.