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In Your Face FFP: Tottenham Fans Celebrate Hosting F1 Go Kart Event at their New Stadium

In Your Face FFP: Tottenham Fans Celebrate Hosting F1 Go Kart Event at their New Stadium

Tottenham find themselves sitting fifth in the Premier League table. Spurs fans were hoping, with their initial unbeaten run, that they would be challenging for league title with some additions to the squad in January.

The Tottenham Hotspur camp doesn’t look very hot in the January market. After a loan signing of Timo Werner and confirming Radu Drăgușin early, they have been quite passive in terms of incoming deals.

Tottenham supporters for long, have been complaining about the club Chairman Daniel Levy not doing his due diligence regarding many things at the club other than the transfers too.

But a new venture in Levy’s plan for their stadium is something that might interest them a lot. Levy has brought home a very unexpected partnership for Spurs . It is a strategic partnership is F1 for 15 long years.

The first huge step in this deal is to set up the world’s first official F1 karting experience. Named F1® DRIVE – London, it is due to open this week.

Fans are feeling proud of this F1 experience which has been built below Tottenham Hotspur Stadium’s iconic South Stand. Now, while visiting the stadium, they can have excellent recreation activity at their dispense.

People can’t wait for it to be open but they will have to wait untill Thursday to get their hands on the tickets. Curiosity is whether it will be open on matchdays or not.

Taking to twitter, season ticket holders are overjoyed with the new facility. They are thankful that they get to have first dibs on the tickets for being loyal supporters.

All this has even caused a few faithful to apologize to Levy. A few chants along the lines of ‘Formula one partners, you will never sing that’ have surfaced.

Fans are taunting other clubs with this new addition to their ground while they are struggling to get their finances in order.

With the clouds of financial fair play looming on clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea and the likes of Everton getting hit by a 10-point deduction, Tottenham fans are rejoicing at this masterstroke from Levy.

Criticised often, Levy has made Spurs a financial force to reckon with. Tottenham are now the most profitable club in the Premier League due to the monetization of their new stadium.

All the more reason behind this cheering in support of Levy might be the a few additional features in the Spurs football arena. In the ‘Fan Zone’ there are a few F1 related state-of-the-art activities like pit stop crew experience planned.

Having the official F1 name attached, there were suspicions of it being sky-high. As of now it looks like it is priced at £100. This has made a few of them unhappy.

Enthusiasts can be seen tagging their friends and partners in crime on the official post to make them aware of this phenomenon. Looks like not only on the pitch, but off the pitch too Spurs have upped their game a lot.