Photo: American Tottenham fan bumps into Daniel Levy while riding the Tube, grabs a selfie


Spurs fan from New York visits London for the first time, meets club chairman on the Tube!

A Tottenham Hotspur fan from New York visited London for the first time. He was on his inaugural Tube (underground public transit system) ride when he bumped into the most important person at the club, Daniel Levy!

The Tottenham Hotspur chairman was nice enough to pose for a selfie with the fan.

Known for his sturdy business and finance methodologies, one would think that the chairman of a top 6 club would be driven around in a posh car by a driver.

Be it an act of humility or a quick way to beat the London traffic, a true class act by Daniel Levy! Not many would opt for the tube when they had the financial backing that Mr Levy does but hats off to the Spurs chairman. A wonderful lesson in modesty.

The American fan (@maxberger) was in absolute awe. He could not believe his eyes. Here as a tourist, Max would have thought that if he were to meet anyone from the club, it would probably be at the stadium.

The fans were quick to congratulate Max on his luck. They hoped to hear some transfer news about speculated targets and exciting players coming in.

Max however, was too busy being in awe of the man in front of him and was clearly smitten, check out his reaction below –

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