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Does Daniel Levy Have Supersized Feet? Here’s the Truth Behind Viral Photo

Does Daniel Levy Have Supersized Feet? Here’s the Truth Behind Viral Photo

Tottenham Hotspur have gone through a lot of changes recently but the one constant that has been gracing the club with his presence, is the club chairman, Daniel Levy.

Levy has been at the club since 2001 and is known for his tough negotiation tactics, cautious spending, and some rough decisions. Levy has let go of four managers in the last four season and that list involves some heavy names like Jose Mourinho, Antonio Conte and Mauricio Pochettino.

Daniel Levy likes a hands on approach with the club and can be seen attending many of their games. He was recently captured at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium while Mohamad Prapanca, President of Indonesian football club Persija Jakarta was visiting Spurs during a game vs Everton.

Levy was seen in his blue suit, blue tie with a tiny little spurs tie pin and black shoes with President Mohamad in all black.

Spurs fans on the internet were admiring the picture while discussing possible investment coming in their way until they noticed a very weird detail in the picture: Focus turned to Levy’s feet.

It seems like the Spurs chairman has an extra large feet size by the looks of it. The right foot in particular seems to be donning a size 15 shoe.

This got the internet talking if Levy actually has such a big foot size or is he wearing long style shoes on purpose. Speculations about the picture being photoshopped or AI generated were in the air too, but the source being reliable made it not so likely.

If Levy really had extra large feet, I think the world would have noticed way sooner. So, the answer was always going to be the camera angle. A rectilinear wide angle camera lens, up close, would do that to you but as we all know it, twitter likes to talk its own talk.

Jokes about how Levy is going for a Pennywise look or how he saved up during negotiations to spend on these shoes, started popping up.

Fans were wondering if he bought the 4-size-higher shoes just because they were on sale or if he’s just that into clown shoes.

Whoever will be next in line for Chairman’s job after Levy, will have some big shoes to fill for sure. All jokes aside though, Levy has been doing a wonderful job with the club and it always feels like the club are just one click away from finishing the puzzle.

Tottenham are only 6 points away from the top spot and if they find their rhythm back, it might not be a big stretch to imagine their cabinet with a prestigious trophy in it.