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Rare photo of Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy with hair has fans shocked

Rare photo of Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy with hair has fans shocked

Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy is synonymous with stingy transfer strategies and well.. being bald.

Aside from the usual lamenting by Spurs fans who are fed up with his ways, Levy was in discussion for a different reason.

This occurred due to the emergence of an old image from Levy’s younger years on Reddit.

Looking suave as ever, Levy, to everyone’s astonishment, can also be seen rocking a head full of hair.

Despite fans being accustomed to a bald Levy, general reactions were positive.

After the initial Shock, Spurs fans appreciated the different look of yesteryear.

Sporting a charming smile, Levy pulls off the ‘Mullet’ hairdo effortlessly.

Among the reactions to the startling image were a few hilarious ones.

One user commented, “what Spurs do to a man” a reference to the almost exhaustive task managing the London club can become at times.

Aside from that, other users expressed their desire to go back in time and inform the young businessman of a few lucrative transfer opportunities.

Present-day Levy, unfortunately, finds himself in a lot of heat from fans as he now faces the task of supplying manager Antonio Conte with winter reinforcements in an attempt to potentially mount a top 4 challenge.

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