How Dani Alves recreated Neymar and Messi moment by helping Gavi tie his shoelaces

Dani Alves’ love and devotion to his beloved Barcelona is a sight to behold.

His return to the club unfortunately won’t touch the same heights as his previous stint, but perhaps it will be just as crucial.

A Culer through and through, Alves’ brings invaluable leadership and experience to the dressing room, a perfect fit for the young crop of talent it is currently filled with.

Aside from assisting the young guns on the pitch, Alves is evidently helping them off it as well.

Gavi’s trivial inability to tie his shoelaces is well-documented at this point.

The subject has been a part of news headlines and even a post by fellow teammate Nico.

And it was once again in the forefront after this image surfaced following the El Clasico.

In the image, Gavi can be seen getting some assistance with his shoelaces by none other than Dani Alves.

The image sent Culers online on a nostalgic trip, and they looked back on the other occasions where Alves helped his fellow teammates.

And soon, pictures of Alves helping out former players Messi and Neymar with their ties re-emerged online.

The act itself now seems like an age-old tradition at Barcelona, considering one of the instances occurred almost a decade earlier.

The topic brought back fonder memories for Barcelona fans and is a fitting representation of the impact Dani Alves could have on the young talents at Barcelona.