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Memphis Depay and Dani Alves show off the pitch chemistry in these awesome photos

Memphis Depay and Dani Alves show off the pitch chemistry in these awesome photos

In football, the chemistry between players on the pitch is always apparent. 

When two stars operate on the same wavelength and in cohesion with each other’s movements, you have the foundations for a deadly duo.

And while that is always lovely to see, such coordination can be earned through extensive training, instead of it stemming from an actual understanding between the players. 

So, when a duo displays stunning off-the-field chemistry and genuine friendship blossoms, it becomes truly special. 

The latest addition to the list of memorable off-field duos centres around Barcelona stars Dani Alves and Memphis Depay. 

The pair are known to have incredibly unique personalities, Dani Alves in particular has been termed as ‘crazy’ by many. 

Incidentally, the Brazilian himself responded to this assessment and famously said, “I’m a good crazy. A crazy good guy. Someone who makes the most of life.” 

And in Memphis Depay, the fullback has found a partner who also loves to make the most out of life.

The duo were recently spotted out and about at a party, living their best life. 

Suited up in equally quirky outfits, the two posted a series of pictures from the event.

They can be seen dancing together, having a laugh and generally matching each other’s vibe.

Fans got a deeper look at their camaraderie through their captions. 

Alves said, “Sometimes football gives some gifts to me…love u bro”. The Dutchman expressed similar sentiments and said “Your energy is unmatched my brother.. it’s a blessing to share moments with you on and off the field! Love you, bro.” 

While we’ve only just received the first glimpse, Depay x Dani Alves has the potential to become one of football’s best bromance.