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Watch: Memphis Depay debauches Frenkie De Jong twice in 10 seconds

Watch: Memphis Depay debauches Frenkie De Jong twice in 10 seconds

Memphis Depay is known for being one of the most skilful footballers in the world.

Elasticos, roulettes and nutmegs – he has got it all, and his latest victim is none other than his international as well as his new club teammate Frenkie De Jong.

Depay and de Jong recently shared a dressing room together for the Netherlands in EURO 2020, and his recent transfer from Olympique Lyon in the summer saw him reunite with the Barcelona midfielder in Spain as well.

Although they might be good friends off the pitch, it did not stop Depay from violating De Jong in Barcelona training.

Footage from the Blaugrana training camp in pre-season saw the team taking part in a rondo, and with De Jong right in the middle of it – Depay nutmegged him with just a touch, to the team’s delight and his teammate’s embarrassment.

But unfortunately for De Jong, Depay was not done with him just yet.

When the team had settled down after having a laugh, he nutmegged De Jong yet again – making it twice in a span of ten seconds to send the rest of the squad into delirium.

However, on the other hand, it was sheer humiliation for De Jong who was flooded by his teammates after being embarrassed twice in a matter of seconds.

It would be a safe wager to say that neither his teammates nor Depay is going to let him forget about this afternoon for a long, long time to come.