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Jim Beglin calls Etihad ‘Emptyhad’ in hilarious slip of tongue live on air

Jim Beglin calls Etihad ‘Emptyhad’ in hilarious slip of tongue live on air

Chelsea’s game at Man City progressed rather predictably.

Ever since Tuchel’s takeover, meetings between the two heavyweights are cagey affairs, with both sides opting for caution.

Today’s fixture went about in the same fashion, especially in a rather dull first half.

City dominated possession while Chelsea sat back pinned back in their own half looking for a way out.

The most noteworthy from a mundane half of football came from the gantry instead of the pitch.

Irish commentator Jim Beglin, whom you can often find in a formidable partnership with fellow commentator Peter Drury, was the source of the moment.

Speaking on the annoyance of the crowd at the Etihad due to a frustrating half, Beglin said “You can hear the annoyance around the Emptyhad because”. He then proceeded to take a minor pause and realizes the error before correcting himself and saying “the Eithad”.

Fans online quickly swarmed around the moment, especially rival ones as a common criticism of Manchester City has been their inability to sell out their home stadium, especially on European nights.

While they were a few patches of empty seats across the venue today, it certainly wasn’t empty.

And credit to the City fans, they were in full voice and backed their team throughout.

The unfortunate slip of the tongue was acknowledged again by Beglin, this time during the second half, and reinstated that it was a slip and nothing more.