Ronaldo v Messi debate: Veteran commentator picks his choice during Twitter Q&A

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have been tremendous over the past decade and a half.

They epitomize the two kinds of successful people: those who are talented and those who work hard.

The debate over who’s better among them could probably be termed the most famous ever.

Almost everyone on the planet has an opinion about who’s better among Messi and Ronaldo. One fanbase always ends up offended, regardless of the person’s choice.

The same applies to commentator Jim Beglin. When asked on a Twitter Q&A as to who was better among Ronaldo and Messi, the legendary English commentator had a definitive reply.

Beglin chose the Barcelona talisman as his favorite. He added that he knew Ronaldo fans were going to be upset with his opinion.

The debate to declare who’s the best will rage on forever. Hence, it is important to enjoy watching these two legends while they still step out onto the field.

Football will miss them once they hang up their boots.