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Jamie Carragher shuts down Gary Neville on Ronaldo-Messi debate

Jamie Carragher shuts down Gary Neville on Ronaldo-Messi debate

The age-old comparisons between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to determine who is the greatest footballer of all time has been a debate synonymous with football over the past years.

While most football fans, current and former footballers have picked a side already, it was former England footballers Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher’s turn to make their choices and present their arguments in the debate.

The two best friends who are famously renowned for disagreeing with each other, for their constant banter and trying to get one over the other regularly – reached a new crossroads while analyzing on a Sky Sports segment, and it was Carragher who prevailed as he savagely shut Neville down this time.

The former Liverpool and Manchester United defenders got into their latest argument on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football segment when Neville proclaimed Ronaldo as the “greatest player of all time.”

Neville who formerly played with Ronaldo at Manchester United and was part of a team that won the Premier League and the Champions League, took the Portuguese’s side against the Argentinian – breaking down Ronaldo’s goal-scoring record to prove his ability as a complete goal scorer.

Neville also went on to say that if there was any player who he could bring off the bench in order to turn a game around, it would be none other than Ronaldo himself.

In response to Neville’s argument, Carragher said that Messi has scored double the amount of goals coming off the bench, and even though Neville rightly pointed out that Ronaldo can do things that Messi can not like scoring with his weak foot and headers – Messi can do things that no other footballer can do.

Carragher went on to argue that Messi can also come up with assists and run the tempo of the game, while at the same time doing extraordinary things that no other player has done before.

Not only did Carragher didn’t stop there, but he went on to indulge in some absolute savagery when he caught onto Neville terming Ronaldo as the greatest player of all time and asked Neville why does he think that United will still fall short of the league title.

Neville previously said that in his opinion, getting Harry Kane along with Jadon Sancho and Raphaël Varane will help United win the Premier League title – so when Carragher asked him why he thinks United will not be able to win the league even with the “greatest of all time”, Neville looked visibly stumped.

Even though Neville tried to track back and termed Ronaldo as a “penalty box player” moments after calling him the greatest player ever, Carragher’s savage shutdown of his best friend went viral on social media platforms soon after the segment was aired.