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Jamie Carragher slammed for savage f-word rant against a Man City fan on The Overlap

Jamie Carragher slammed for savage f-word rant against a Man City fan on The Overlap

Liverpool legend and Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher is getting called out on social media for rudely shutting up a fan on The Overlap with Gary Neville podcast.

The show features footballers and other celebrities talking about their lives with fans as the audience. In a recent episode, the trio of Carragher, Neville, and Paul Scholes were having a chat, and the fans were given turns to speak about their favourite teams and engage with the guests.

Steven Mcinerney, a Man City fan who runs the popular YouTube fan channel ‘Esteemed Kompany’ was discussing the signing of Jack Grealish and how he has fared in a blue shirt so far.

He addressed the fact that the Englishman has been ‘fine’ for City so far and that he’s undergoing a bit of ‘an education’ playing under Pep Guardiola.

He also spoke about how other players such as Raheem Sterling, Bernardo Silva, and Riyad Mahrez all had relatively slow starts but have since gone on to star for the team.

This went on for a good five minutes or so before Carragher decided to abruptly cut him off by laughing at him and complaining about the length of time he was speaking for.

Mcinerney was taken aback by this as up to that point, it was a good debate and there were no signs of what was to come.

Twitter was equally baffled.

While some fans are seeing the funny side to this, a large portion has called this behaviour by Carragher unnecessary and rude.

The fan was simply speaking his mind, which is what the episode was all about – discussing football. Many have gone so far as to call the former Liverpool man ‘arrogant’.

This is the moment that stirred up the drama. This Liverpool fan, who thinks it was funny, seems to be in the minority.

Others, even those who support Liverpool seemed none too pleased about it.

Mcinerney himself addressed the issue later on through his personal Twitter account.

He did go on to clarify that he and Carragher sorted it out among themselves after the show.

…and Carragher was a good sport about it.

However, not everyone is satisfied with the ending, such as this City fan.