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Bayer Leverkusen Twitter account offers brilliant response to ‘Bayern buys all your best players’ jab

Bayer Leverkusen Twitter account offers brilliant response to ‘Bayern buys all your best players’ jab

Football Twitter or ‘FT’, as it’s come to be known as is a strange corner of Twitter and it has folks ranging from ardent football fans to casual viewers and downright trolls.

It started out as a fan phenomenon with its own slang and remarks but official entities like football clubs have started to get themselves involved.

The German clubs seem to be at the forefront of it with the likes of Borussia Monchengladbach and Bayer Leverkusen, and their hugely popular Twitter accounts engaging with fans with their witty tweets from time to time.

A negative aspect of FT is that there are too many people who are ready to get down and dirty for the sake of some likes and retweets. These “trolls” are accounts that will say something that is purposely controversial or volatile to incite a strong reaction.

There is no accountability since they can always hide behind the anonymity that social media provides. Once in a while, however, they get what they deserve.

A recent example is Leverkusen’s official Twitter account ‘bodying’ a troll who tried his best to take a jab at the German club.

One of the latest trends on Twitter is the ‘red flags’ tweets. It’s done by quoting something a toxic person may say, followed by a bunch of red flag emojis to indicate the person’s nature and why one should steer clear of them.

The Bundesliga club got in on the act by tweeting the following, sarcastically aimed at fans who look down upon the German league.

In the replies, a Chelsea fan with the intent of trolling took his best shot with a condescending tweet. It was aimed at the general trend of Bayern Munich snapping up talented players from their fellow teams in the Bundesliga.

The Leverkusen admin did not hold back and hit back with pure facts.

Another one tried to hit back with…

…but the admin shut him up with this tweet, referring to their former player Kai Havertz’s goal for Chelsea in the Champions League final against Manchester City.

Well played, Leverkusen.